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10 Commandments for Web startups
I suggest you all look down
1. Shrink: Focus on a possible problem that is as small as possible, and you can solve the problem. Don't think about everything, can chew, and become a copycat. Small can become big, boat small good turn, small can bring you a lot of advantages, gap market can become a big market. Do not try to make 100 million Internet users as your users, useless, can really solve a part of the user needs, is enough for you to play.

2, the difference: Remember that a lot of people are doing the same things as you, and one of them is Google. In this market, professionals are more useful than generalists. You don't have to be a leader, you can do something different, like Google. Name also do not use those general words, such as blog Network, China Blog Network, Asian Blog Network, the World Blog Network and so on, too many people who are not clear who is.

3, Random: Random network is greater than the deliberate network, because people have to live. Create a service that adapts and helps people in their daily lives, rather than asking for too much commitment or changing their identity. Take it easy, a lot of the time, the occasional need to make your service more valuable, like the occasional conversation on Skype. Since life itself is casual and accidental, don't always try to limit the user.

4, Picky: This applies to many aspects: the characteristics of the service, employees, investors, partners, interviews and so on journalists. If you feel something is not right, put it on. One of the most powerful strengths of Google is their willingness to say no to opportunities, fast money, potential employees and deals. But many people are too eager, too afraid to miss the village does not have this shop, so often, eventually will regret.

5, user-centric: The user experience is everything. Your entire company must be built on this, if you don't know what to call user-centric design, learn quickly, hire people who understand. To do the right thing, far more than add 100 features. Ajax is designed to make the site more interactive, not because it's sexy. The API is designed to make it easier for developers to add value to their users, rather than to please geek.

6, self-standard: great products are always from a person's own desire. Create the product you need, be the user of your own product, the user who hires your product, and improve it as you wish. On the other hand, avoid making deals with large companies in terms of fees, users, or potential barriers to improving your product. Because you are small and they are big, you can hardly say no.

7, Hunger: Have a choice is always better than no choice, the best way is to have income. To design a charging model for your product and start to have input within 6 months, you will have a market fee. Also, having income will give you a more favorable position in the financing or acquisition negotiations. But it may not be so simple in China, and the distortion of service in order to make money is always happening.

8, Slim: Keeping low cost is a kind of web entrepreneurial wisdom. If you can use the services available on the Internet, don't pay for them. If you want to be bought by big companies, you can't make yourself seem too complicated, and smaller companies are more likely to be bought. Tim O\ ' Reilly said that if you see a company spending a lot of money on a campaign, you know for sure that it's not a Web 2.0 company. Making full use of the resources available on the Internet is also a capability.

9, Flexible: To learn to change the plan. The first thing Pyra to do is a project management program, not a blogger. The first thing Flickr has to do is play. Ebay initially just wanted to sell auction software. The original idea was almost always wrong. From the beginning, I decided that I was right, and probably hit the south wall. To turn the entrepreneurial process into a beta process, constantly debug, constantly adjust, and constantly improve.

10. Balance: What is a start-up? Blurred eyes, lack of sleep, junk food hunger, coffee refreshing ... What else is there? Be aware that nature requires a healthy balance, and when balance becomes part of your company, you have the same secret weapon. You need to play, you need to play. A dynamic and balanced team will also give people more trust and anticipation.
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