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If you have downloaded or upgraded to the latest Ubuntu release -- natty narwhal --, what should you do now?

By convention, we will provide you with 10 tips and Suggestions after installation, so that you can use narwhal with less twists and turns, and more stability. (The original text should be a metaphor.-Let's translate it like this)

1. Learn more about new features

Ubuntu 11.04 brings many new features and techniques, which also makes them easy to be missed. So we have sorted out the new features of these unity into an excellent Getting Started Guide for Ubuntu 11.04.

Look ~Omgubuntu. co. uk/natty

2. Run the upgrade manager.

The Ubuntu team is not perfect. In many cases, some updates are added to Ubuntu several minutes before the ISO image you downloaded is created.

RunUpgrade ManagerIn dash (this is ...) Search for these updates, and you will get the latest pure version 11.04.

3. Additional installation constraints (=)

Due to legal reasons, UBUNTU cannot play patented things such as MP3 player codecs,. wmv videos or encrypted DVDs.

Fortunately, UBUNTU InstallationProgramYou can select an option to install these missing codecs for your system at least during installation.

If you do not select 'Install third-party Decoder/restricted Drivers 'during Ubuntu 11.04 installation ', the next steps are important for implementing all the "excluded software" to create a comfortable and stress-free running environment for you In ubuntu.


Ubuntu automatically detects and prompts you That the 3D driver is available. If so, you will see a 'pcb 'icon appear on the upper panel. Click it and follow the prompts.

If Ubuntu does not prompt you (Be patient, this is not always displayed in real time), you can run it manually and open application lens (this thing --) and search for/browse 'hardware configuration tool '. (In my opinion, it is in "System-System Tools-hardware drivers"--|)

Decoder & restricted format

"If music is God's food, please play it as you like !" From Shakespeare's pen. I guess you are not God (maybe), but you still like music, almost the same as your food.

You only need to click here to install MP3, m4a, and various other decoder dogs in Ubuntu 11.04:

4. Master some useful indicator gadgets (indicator-applets)

Ubuntu 11.04 Unity does not use traditional GNOME Desktop panels and notification/System Tray areas. This means that familiar/favorite applets, such as CPU guages, move eyes, and panel-bound-bloggers cannot be used.

But don't worry!

A bunch of more useful and compatible indicator applets can be used. You can add a variety of things, from weather applets, RSS subscribers and clipboard managers to timers, as well as screen saver inhibiters and system monitors.

5. Find more applications in the Ubuntu software center to replace the default program.

'The size is not suitable for everyone '(this should be an idiom = dish =) This is a tried-and-tried proverb; if you do not like the music played by Banshee; pitivi can only meet your basic needs for video production; or you are scared by libreoffice's integrated applications, UBUNTU can easily find and install their alternatives.

Popular options include:

    • OpenshotAn iMovie-style Video Editor
    • AbiwordA simple, lightweight text processor
    • ThunderbirdE-mail client application
    • ChromiumCan replace Firefox 4's Web browser
    • PidginEmpathy can be replaced.

I don't know how to use the software center to install the application? Please watch the following video: (I can't see the video, but I don't know if it's being walled)

6. Change the interface

Use the classic gnome in Ubuntu 11.04

Not a fan of unity? Don't worry. You can select"Classic UbuntuTo enter the desktop environment.

1. log out to the logon page

2. Click your name

3. Find the session menu at the bottom of the screen

4. Change it from "ubuntu" to "ubuntu classic"

5. click Login

Unity 2D-a substitute for unity built with QT

Unity 2D can be used by users whose configurations do not meet the requirements of Unity graphics. It is lightweight, fast in response, and has its brothers (guys ...) Same features.

Use gnome 3/gnome shell in Ubuntu 11.04

Gnome 3 can be used through PPA, because using it will destroy unity-so please take full consideration and decide to add it!

7. Set Ubuntu one file synchronization

Ubuntu one provides 2 GB of free online storage space for all Ubuntu users, allowing you to back up and synchronize some of the files you need between computers, as well as your Firefox bookmarks, tomboy notes, evolution contacts and Ubuntu music store transactions.

Click the Ubuntu one icon on the unity starter to start it ~

8. In OMG! Ubuntu! In the new "Hub", pay attention to the response of ubuntu 11.04.

There will be countless things when Ubuntu is released, and people often cannot figure them out. This whole day in OMG! Ubuntu! There will be newArticleAs Twitter and identica continue to emerge, there are good jokes and guesses in the IRC channel of # Ubuntu-release-party, and posts that are constantly refreshed in www.ubuntu.com. (See if the release is, in fact, released... Not clear --)

On the front page of omgubuntu. co. uk/hub/natty, you will see a customizable and complete login interface with aggregation information, such...

    • The latest OMG! Ubuntu! Article
    • Publish tweets and dents from # Ubuntu or # natty
    • The coolest Ubuntu wallpaper from Flickr
    • We hope you will immerse yourself in # Ubuntu-release-party and # OMG! Ubuntu! In the network chat of the IRC channel

9. Nautilus-elementary

Many users click it. This time, it returns to natty. What are you talking about? Of course yesNautilus-elementary! This cool, easier-to-use File Manager comes with some visual impact from the rigid Nautilus In ubuntu.

Click here to add it through PPA.

10. Finally...

Finally, let's end with a piece of sad words. Please take some time to enjoy using it. Forget to look for and install new applications or get rid of natty for an hour. just do things like others who use Ubuntu: check Facebook (or diaspora!) in Firefox !), Chat with your friends on empathy, write a letter using libreoffice, and play nice music with Banshee.

Ubuntu 11.04 is a bold upgrade from 10.10. It takes time to adapt to any major change. You may be afraid of missing applications or functions, but almost all changes are for the same reason: to make Ubuntu easier to use.

Also, be sure to tell your friends everything about Ubuntu!


Since we are in OMG! Ubuntu! Why don't fans agree to follow us to learn the latest news, cool apps, techniques, settings, gorgeous themes and wallpapers, and provide meaningful suggestions and jokes? (--|)

You know what you want ~

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