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In Web development and design, everything is not a good thing. We are often warned not to reinvent the wheel "child" (don't reinvent the wheel ), large-scale and comprehensive development is not only a huge burden, but also brings more security risks. After all, you are not an expert in all technologies. Many excellent third-party technologies in the industry can be borrowed or integrated, we must admit that these technologies are much better than what we can design. This article introduces 15 technologies that can be integrated into our Web site.

1. RSS feeds


Designing and managing RSS on your site is a huge burden, especially when subscribers surge and some articles aggregate sites, such as AllTop and Technorati, it will also initiate automatic access to your RSS, and one day your server will be overwhelmed and melted. The three third-party solutions described below can help you unload this burden.


FeedBurner is a fully functional RSS Management Service. Its many tools can help you manage and analyze your RSS Feed. After it was acquired by Google, the service was temporarily unstable, however, it has been completely restored.



Feedity is ideal for non-CMS websites, such as pure static HTML websites. You only need to enter the address of the site where you want to provide RSS Feed. Feedity will monitor the site. Once an update is found, RSS updates will be released to subscribers, in addition to automatic monitoring, you can also manually control the HTML page selected by the tool.


Page2RSS is a simple Web service that monitors the updates of a specified webpage. You can integrate this service into the site homepage so that visitors can know your updates, here is an instance for reference. Compared with professional RSS Feed, this service may be a bit amateur, but it can be used for emergency response.

2. Intra-Site Search

Intra-site search requires your site server to provide a large number of database query operations, which is a great burden. Many well-known search engines provide third-party search APIs, which not only reduces the burden on your servers, but also clearly provides better search algorithms than your algorithms.

Google AJAX Search API

This API allows Web developers to use Google's data design integrated search application. Google also provides a wizard tool that allows you to generate the corresponding integrated code step by step and store it on your site.

Yahoo! Search BOSS

Similar to Google's search API, however, this API can be easily integrated with your site in the result display. In addition, unlike Google's results, the search results of Yahoo BOSS do not contain advertisements. WordPress.org has an instance about this API.

3. Hosting JavaScript Libraries

Hosting JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery, MooTools, and Prototype, on your own website not only puts a management burden on the server, such as version management problems, but also, because many websites use third-party hosted JavaScript libraries, the browser cache of visitors usually contains the cache of these third-party hosted JavaScript libraries, using a self-hosted JavaScript library will significantly increase the response time of your web page.

Google AJAX Libraries API

Google Ajax library API can provide hosting of multiple famous JavaScript libraries in Google's CDN system, which means that visitors can access these JavaScript libraries nearby, greatly improving the response speed.

4. Web Forms

If you need to provide form functions in the site, such as contact and feedback forms, you can consider using a third-party integration solution. Although the form is relatively simple, however, a large amount of development is required for flexible customization. Third-party form services are superior in this respect. In addition to basic publishing and receiving operations, they often provide more professional junk Information Filtering and form statistical analysis functions.


Wufoo allows you to easily design and manage third-party forms. Based on the usage, they provide different charging standards from free to hundreds of dollars. The free version allows you to integrate three forms, each form has no more than 10 columns, which is sufficient for most sites.


This is a powerful and complete Web form application. The free version allows you to integrate three forms, but each form is used only 10 times a month.


This free service allows you to create and integrate 3 forms. Each form has 50 columns and is used 100 times a month. In addition, this form service allows you to use attachments, they provide 50 m free space.


Using this tool to create a form in the site is very simple. The free version allows you to create three forms, which are used 100 times a month.

5. Voting Investigation

The following third-party voting and Investigation Web services can achieve very professional voting and investigation functions.


Vizu is a free voting Web service that can be easily integrated into famous CMS or blog systems such as WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad.


It may be the world's best Web service provider for voting and investigation. You can use the voting and investigation functions on your site. Its design interface is the best Web interface I have used, drag and Drop buttons or objects. They have different service prices for different usage, but the free version is sufficient for most sites.


This is a very popular Web Survey Service, and the management interface is very useful. It provides a number of options to design your survey. The famous site Digg uses this service.


6. Captcha Technology

Captcha technology can intercept junk information in Web form Publishing, but it is not easy to design the Captcha function by yourself. Not only must you have appropriate algorithms, but the server also needs to manage Captcha images, the following Captcha services can be integrated into your site.


ReCaptcha is a free service. It also has a mission to help identify old books and newspapers that are not easily recognized by OCR technology with the participation of global users. ReCaptcha extracts several words from the scanned documents. The user performs Captcha testing and is also helping to digitize old books and periodicals.


This service is free and can even be used for commercial users. As long as your server supports PHP, ASP, Perl, Python, JSP, and Ruby on Rails, you can integrate this technology on your site.


This technology takes only three steps to easily implement Captcha on your site.



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