18 excellent integrated development tools for Windows Mac and Linux.

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We saw 22 neat code editors in Windows last week and recommended themProgramPersonnel, a simpleCodeThe editor is obviously not enough, especially when you are debugging CSS editing with the complex link JS with the database, etc ., To solve this problem, we recommend 18 excellent integrated development tools on Windows Mac and Linux. I believe that some of these tools have never been used or used, I may not know. If you know more, we recommend that you share your tools.

Windows integrated development environment Visual Web Developer
    • Free

In visual web developer, it is basically a simplified Visual Studio with basic web development functions.Is a tool used to create and use ASP. NET web applications in multiple configurations. Its functions include webpage design, FrontPage Server Extension, connection, and Asp.net web development.Community.

    • ($29) | Free Download

Phpdesigner supports not only PHP, but also other network languages such as HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript, VBScript, Java, C #, Perl, and python !, Phpdesigner supports PHP debugging and analysis. It also supports all standard web languages, as well as tortoisesvn support and error detection. The built-in code snippet and PHP manual provide convenience for beginners. Phpdesigner 2008 is the latest version. It is a complete integrated development environment. For PHP, no matter for beginners or professional developers, it helps you improve the analysis during the editing process, debug and publish applications and websites using PHP and other network languages! Official site:Www. mpsoftware. dk/phpdesigner. php


    • Free | $89

    • Phpedit is an excellent PHP script IDE (integrated development environment) in windows ). This software provides a variety of tools for fast and convenient PHP script development, including syntax keyword highlighting, code prompting, browsing, integration of PHP debugging tools, and help generator; custom shortcuts, over 150 script commands, keyboard templates, report generators, quick tag, and plug-ins.
    • Phpedit from waterproof software seems to be applied to the Microsoft msdev environment of PHP & mdash; this is a good thing. Phpedit is only used for Windows IDE and is easy to set. It even has a PHP version. It does well in PHP, CSS, and HTML code intelligence, but it does not support code intelligence for javascr javaspt. To facilitate deployment, phpedit can be connected to CVS and subversion, as well as FTP and its proprietary ezdeployment system. In addition to the Code intelligence feature, this ide provides an excellent sample code template library for accelerated development. You can also add content to the library. Official Website http://www.phpedit.com


Visual Studio 2008
    • $299 (Standard Edition) | Free Download

Visual Studio is basically a professional tool for writing net code. In terms of web development.Its strength is asp net. Compared with traditional Web languages, it supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to provide a wide range of "smart awareness" (Code Completion) vs2008 introduces more than 250 new features, integrating access methods for objects, relational data, and XML, making the language more concise. You can use Visual Studio 2008 to efficiently develop Windows applications. The designer can reflect changes in real time, and the intelligent sensing function in XAML can improve development efficiency. Visual Studio 2008 also supports project templates, debuggers, and deployment programs. Visual Studio 2008 can efficiently develop web applications and integrate Ajax 1.0, including Ajax project templates. It can also efficiently develop office and mobile applications.

Expression Web
    • Yes for free

Expression Web is a pretty neat application.It supports CSS.It can be used to build a modern, standard-based website that provides excellent quality on the web. You can use powerful design tools and work panes to quickly merge XML data to reduce complexity and simplify data integration. With expression web and Visual Studio's excellent support for XML, ASP. NET, and XHTML, You can smoothly integrate web design and development teams. With complex CSS design features, you can release your creative ideas and inject vitality into your website. Visual Design Tools, dedicated work panes, and Tool Columns allow you to precisely control layout configurations and formats. Official Website http://www.microsoft.com/expression/

    • Paid | free

Phped comes with built-in PHP, HTML, and CSS validators.Of course, there are also PHP debugging and analysis.An innovative feature of phped, dynamic syntax highlighting. Official Website http://www.nusphere.com/

Mac ide CoDA
    • Free

One of the only ides used for Mac and its creation and web development.Almost all servers can edit files remotely.


    • 59.95 € (~~ $78) | the free version is available online.

A specialized CSS ideTools

Bluefish integrated development environment in Linux
    • Free

BluefishIt is advertised as "an editor designed for skilled web designers and programmers, but its UI is very intuitive and can be quickly used by any beginner, and discover and master other functions in constant accumulation. If you need a text editor that can design Web code, it will certainly be a good software. It gives me the overall impression that my major is not daunting, and the combination of text and icons is good.

Idesdreamweaver cs4 is free for Windows and Mac.

I believe that everyone is very familiar with this, so I will not introduce it much.

Use the enhanced CSS implementation tool in Dreamweaver cs4 to make your website stand out. You can quickly define and modify CSS rules on the "properties" panel using real-time visual feedback in "design" and "Real-Time View. Use the newly added "Related Files" and "Code Navigator" features to locate the location for defining specific CSS rules

Ideseclipse applicable to Windows, Mac, and Linux


This is more familiar to everyone.

Eclipse is an openSource codeJava-based scalable development platform. In itself, it is only a framework and a set of services, used to build a development environment through plug-in components. Fortunately, eclipse comes with a standard plug-in set, including Java development tools (jdt ).

Aptana Studio
    • Free

Is an eclipse-based integrated web development environment. Its most widely known is its powerful JavaScript editor and debugger. Aptanastudio supports multiple Ajax and JavaScript toolboxes, including JavaScript editing and debugging. In addition, Aptana incorporates the radralis project and adds powerful rubyonrails support. With the release of Apple's iPhone, Aptana also launched a fully functional integrated iPhone development feature. Shortly after the release of Adobe's ria product air, Aptana supported the development environment of Aptana. Aptanastudio now supports the following development features: ① Intelligent Code Completion ② browser compatibility prompt ③ code error prompt ④ document structure tree

    • Free
    • I don't need to talk about this too much. Anyone who uses it knows this.

Netbeans IDE is an award-winning integrated development environment that can be conveniently run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. Netbeans includes an open-source development environment and application platform. netbeans ide allows developers to use Java platform to quickly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications, netbeans ide currently supports PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Ajax, groovy, grails, C/C ++, and other development languages.The netbeans project is supported by an active development community. The netbean development environment provides rich product documentation and training resources as well as a large number of third-party plug-ins.

    • Free

Nvu (pronunciation N-view) is a WYSIWYG web page processing system. It is a free software built on Mozilla's composer mode. It aims to compete with commercial website development tools such as Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver for a short day and become the most important wyswyg in Linux (wyswyg: what you see, what you get) Editor. Nvu is designed to be extremely suitable for non-professional computer users. Do not emphasize the knowledge of HTML or CSS. Nvu's author is Daniel Glazman, sponsored by linspire (formerly called lindows. Now nvu has Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows versions.

Spket ide


Spket is a plug-in for editing Javascript in eclipse. Supports formatting JavaScript code, code highlighting, Automatic completion, and other functions.

Intllij idea
    • Free payment is available
    • Idea, short for intellij idea, is an integrated environment for Java Development. intellij is recognized as one of the best Java development tools in the industry, especially in terms of smart code assistants, Automatic Code prompts, refactoring, J2EE support, ant, JUnit, CVS integration, code review, and innovative GUI Design, the functions are extraordinary. Idea is a product of jetbrains, headquartered in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Developers are mainly well-known programmers in Eastern Europe.

Komodo ide $299

Komodo IDE can run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and supports common open-source languages such as Perl, PHP, and Ruby. The Code Intelligent engine is very reliable. It scans all language installations to find custom extensions, such as the pear module. In terms of projects, it supports integration with CVS, subversion, and perforce, and also allows direct code transfer to the Server FTP.

Komodo is a commercial product ., This IDE is available for Personal Edition (US $29.95) and Professional Edition (US $299.95. One of its unique features is the regular expression debugger. Whether you are a newbie to regular expressions or have already begun to get involved in advanced regular expression features, this purchase investment is worthwhile. Its disadvantage is that it does not have database integration (at least I did not find it), and I also encountered a small problem that the Code Intelligence does not always pop up when I want it. But in general, Komodo is also a robust, distinctive, and reliable php ide.

Zend studio $399 (with a registration machine online)

Zend Studio 8 registration code (Applicable to All Versions 7.0 and 8.0, 9.0? Oh, wait.) Username: zendstudio. netserial number: 3727234f6095f72034f6095f

Zend studio is a PHP integrated development environment developed by Zend technologies (integrated development environment IDE ). HTML and JS labels are also supported, but debugging is only supported for PHP. Because it is a product of the same company, Zend framework provides better support than other software. After the Zend studio5.5 series, the official release of the eclipse platform, based on PDT Zend studio for eclipse 6.0, later versions are also built in eclipse. Zend studio is an award-winning professional PHP integrated development environment with powerful professional editing tools and debugging tools. It supports PHP syntax highlight display, automatic syntax filling, and bookmarking, supports automatic syntax reduction and code copying. It has a powerful built-in PHP code debugging tool that supports both local and remote debugging modes and multiple advanced debugging functions.

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