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The United States Time magazine 2009 years of 50 sites, are English, and many have been wall, can not visit from China, here according to the Alexa data selected 2009 years 50 Chinese website, manual exclusion of some English stations and cheating stations, ranked below.

1, Baidu Baidu.com

The world's leading Chinese search engine offers a "simple, reliable" search experience in Chinese and much more powerful multimedia content, including MP3 music and movies.

2, QQ qq.com

China's largest web portal, providing instant messaging, news, online gaming, and on-line auction operations,

3, Sina News Center sina.com.cn

Including the same day at home and abroad different types of news and comments, character topics, photo gallery.

4, Google google.cn

Web pages, pictures, news searches, support for personalized search and local search, providing forums, mailboxes, calendar services, and Desktop search tools.

5, Taobao Taobao.com

Including computer communications, digital, men's, women's wear, children's clothing, cosmetics, books and audio-visual, sporting goods, game equipment, such as the sale of various commodities, as well as related community exchanges, while providing Alipay online trading security guarantee system.

6, NetEase 163.com

To the network community, network games for the main business of the integrated portal, providing free mail services.

7, Sohu Sohu.com

Resource navigation for the main business of the portal site, operating integrated business, community, wireless value-added services.

8, Tudou tudou.com

Home Free Personal video site, free unlimited space, watch and search for massive video programs.

9, Youku youku.com

Youku is a big video site in China. For the Chinese to provide the fastest video playback, fast video publishing, fast video search services.

10, search and search soso.com

Tencent Search network, providing forums, web pages, pictures, music and other types of searching services.

11, Kaixin kaixin001.com

is a good place for all working people to relax, a SNS community.

12, i le net 56.com

56 is a video sharing platform, with a large number of original video library, and a complete film library, from watching video, upload video, to share video have a great user experience.

13, Ku6 ku6.com

酷6网 is a video sharing site, free video podcasts, video sharing, video search and other services, online to watch the latest, hottest video.

14, Sogou sogou.com

Chinese search engine, providing news search, music search, shopping search, map search and other special search services, to provide users with convenient and efficient way of information access.

15, Mop net mop.com

including chat room, network radio, digital, games, World of Warcraft, entrepreneurship, graffiti board, recruitment, leisure, Taobao City, white-collar, game cards, mailboxes, recharge and other columns.

16, Thunder Xunlei.com

Thunderbolt is a new type of software based on the multi-resource Hyper-Threading technology, can take full advantage of the characteristics of broadband Internet access, to bring users a new high-speed download experience.

17, Zhongguancun zol.com.cn

Zhongguancun is the most commercially valuable IT professional website in Greater China, and has always been committed to the construction of sales promotion type IT professional media.

18, Pacific Internet pconline.com.cn

Provide computer product introduction, price information, business directory and computer knowledge and news.

19, Tenkine yesky.com

It product application, evaluation, shopping Guide information, software download and interactive community.

20, SouFun soufun.com

The world's most authoritative and large-scale real estate network media and information Services enterprises. Covering mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vancouver and other more than 70 cities. Have new house, second-hand housing, home, research four major groups. Business covers all sectors of real estate.

21, Tianya tianya.cn

Tianya, as the king of the Chinese network community, has an amazing ability to set up its sensibility, richness and social issues. This has since become the most grassroots star, the most contemporary flavor of the Tianya drama and the most forthright discourse, making it a traditional media rely on the news source.

22, Yahoo China yahoo.com.cn

Includes news, information, mailboxes and search engines.

23, IT168 it168.com

Mainly provide computer hardware and digital products quotes, solutions, market analysis, shopping Guide and driver software download.

24. TOM tom.com

Provide domestic, international, entertainment, it and other news information and free mailbox.

25, Phoenix ifeng.com

Provide the Chinese TV program of Phoenix Satellite TV, the Phoenix Human language, the film recommendation and program table.

26, the Daily people.com.cn

The People's Daily web site, including news reports and searchable catalogs, news reviews and feature columns.

27, Pcpop pcpop.com

Chinese IT professional website.

28. Enet Silicon Valley Power enet.com.cn

Provide it product information, technical reports, use experience and purchase guide.

29, NetEase Mailbox 126.com

NetEase 126 Mailbox, professional electronic post Office to provide free network hard disk network.

30, Alibaba Alibaba.com

Alibaba is a global enterprise (business-to-business) E-commerce brand, a large pool of supply and demand information, is the world's leading online trading market and merchant community.

31, Xinhua xinhuanet.com

China's main news website.

32, and pick hexun.com

Including financial reports, investment forums, real-time quotes, stock information dynamics, insurance, bonds and other content.

33, East Net Eastmoney.com

East NET, China's most influential internet financial media, provides a full range of comprehensive financial news and financial market information covering equities, finance, securities, finance, quotations, funds, Hong Kong equities, foreign exchange, futures, bonds, insurance and banks.

34, dog Movie Search gougou.com

The Thunder provides the movie, the music game, the software and so on resources search.

35, Wuyi 51.com

China social networking platform.

36, North Green net Ynet.com

Urban white-collar trustworthy web site, all-round balanced coverage of hot events, providing comprehensive information services.

37. NET Xiaonei.com

The campus is a real social network, contacting you and friends around you, sharing photos, music and movies with friends, finding old classmates and meeting new people.

38, it World it.com.cn

To provide PC hardware and digital product information, evaluation, market, news, use experience and purchase guide.

39, Word-of-mouth Network koubei.com

Focus on the life of the national web site, covering the clothing, food, housing, line, play all kinds of information, to provide life-type shop Yellow pages and real estate, work, friends, second-hand and other categories of information, all-round to meet user life, work, social and other aspects of the needs.

40, Hao123 hao123.com

The home of the HAO123 website is the authoritative Internet navigation website.

41, China Software Development Network Csdn.net

Provide industry news, technical articles, discussion of community and software downloads, and publication of the programmer magazine.

42, Blogbus blogbus.com

Provide a fee and free two forms of blog hosting service providers, there are a variety of templates to choose from, supporting the binding of independent domain names.

43, Pacific Game Network pcgames.com.cn

Pacific Game Network is a long professional game information portal site, there are electronic athletics, network games, video games, handheld games, anime online and other information channels.

44. CCTV cctv.com

The official website of CCTV provides a preview of the program, online TV, and the latest TV introduction and discussion.

45, Pat Net paipai.com

Tencent's happy, stylish and shared E-commerce Web site allows communication to facilitate transactions.

46, 39 Health Net 39.net

Provide a variety of disease diagnosis and treatment information, medical news information, health care and universal medical knowledge, medical experts consulting and other health information services.

47, Watercress Douban.com

Provides recommendations, reviews, and price comparisons for books, movies, and music recordings.

48, VERYCD share the Internet verycd.com

Through the electric donkey software to share movies, music, games, software and other types of resources.

49. China Mobile Communication chinamobile.com

Provide mobile services, interconnection applications, wireless network construction, GSM short message applications.

50, six rooms 6.cn

Provides video publishing and sharing space.

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