2018 latest blockchain technology, from getting started to mastering video tutorials (bitcoin basic technology)

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2017 latest blockchain technology, from getting started to mastering video tutorials (video + source + tools)

The latest organized Blockchain technology video contains development tools, source code, video tutorials, from small white to the great God, to share to everyone to learn.

Blockchain is the basic technology of Bitcoin, which is researched all over the world and can be widely used in finance and other fields.

The fundamentals of Blockchain

Trade (Transaction): a single operation that causes a change in the status of the ledger, such as adding a record;
Block: Record transactions and status results over time, a consensus on the status of the current ledger;
Chain (Chain): from one block to the order of occurrence in sequence, is the entire state changes in the log records.
If a blockchain is used as a state machine, then each transaction is an attempt to change the state, and the block generated by each consensus is the participant's confirmation of the result of the state change caused by all the transaction contents in the chunk.

Course Environment
Windows + Mist + Eclipse, etc.
Software preparation
Mist Webstorm, etc.
Course Basics
Have a basic understanding of HTML CSS JS and so on
Language involved
Go solidity JavaScript, etc.

Course Catalogue:

    • 1th Lesson Blockchain Introduction
    • 2nd Session Client Installation and operation
    • 3rd Workshop Ethereum Network
    • 4th Lesson Introduction to Smart Contract programming
    • 5th lesson solitidy Complex variable types
    • 6th Lesson Solitidy Method
    • 7th Lesson Solitidy Inheritance and Events
    • 8th Lesson Solitidy Programming Combat
    • 9th Lesson Solitidy Programming Combat
    • The 10th lesson goes to the Center Application Dapp Project actual combat

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2018 latest blockchain technology, from getting started to mastering video tutorials (bitcoin basic technology)

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