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Use plug-ins to make your image album more beautiful, easier to manage, and more conducive to visitor browsing. in this article, Palan has collected 21 WordPress image album plug-ins for you. let's take a look at several categories of WordPress image album plug-ins:

  • Professional album plugin: This type of plug-in is suitable for the Gallery blog dedicated for image display.
  • Display third-party photo storage website plug-ins: This type of plug-ins usually allow you to easily insert third-party image websites, such as Picasa and Flickr photos to your logs, or generate an album to display your sidebar.
  • Image album special effect Plugin:This type of plug-in adds a more eye-catching effect to the images you insert into the log, such as the most common Lightbox box special effects.
  • WordPress image management enhancement plugin: WordPress 2.5 adds the media library function, including more intuitive image management. however, it may not be convenient and powerful for some users, so the corresponding enhanced image management plug-in should be available.

The following album plug-ins are not classified. There are not many 21 plug-ins. If you need them, you can check which plug-ins are more suitable for you. of course, you must never be too impulsive to use all the plug-ins. let's take a look at the introduction and select the one that suits you.

1. NextGEN Gallery

NextGen Gallery is a powerful and full-featured image album plug-in. You can search for NextGen Gallery on Google and find many Wordpress users who praise it.

NextGen Gallery has all its functions. It is an exaggeration. It is no weaker than any single Gallery program. You can use it:

  • Create your own album
  • Upload images and zip compressed files
  • Watermark Function
  • Javascript effects (including various popular image effects, such as Thickbox, Lightbox, highslide, or slide effects like Flash .)
  • Multiple CSS custom styles, such as generating shadow effects for images.
  • With the TinyMCE editor, you can easily insert Images
  • Show slides, random or recent images in your Toolbar
  • The plug-in is translated into more than 15 languages.
  • Support Wordpress tag Integration
  • Metadata support: EXIF, IPTC metadata

In addition, NextGen Gallery has several auxiliary plug-ins to enhance album availability and aesthetics, such as Nextgen Flashviewer and NextGEN ImageFlow.

2. WPG2

WPG2 is a WordPress album plug-in that allows you to embed images, videos, and any other content in Gallery2 In Wordpress to seamlessly integrate these multimedia content into your Wordpress blog, of course, the premise is that you have to be a loyal Gallery2 user.

3. Yet Another Photoblog

This Wordpress album plug-in is quite special. It uses the combination of Wordpress's existing functions and plug-ins to quickly convert your Wordpress blog into a Photoblog/Image blog. its main features include: simple Image Upload, rapid generation of thumbnails, Exif data processing and output, including multiple image plug-ins, which can be freely disabled or enabled as needed.

4. KPicasa Gallery


If you are a Picasa user, you may like this simple Wordpress album plug-in. after installing it, configure the corresponding account. you can post a log or page and enter the specified KEY value to display your Picasa network album.

5. SimpleFlickr

This plug-in allows you to easily insert a simple photo album to your Wordpress blog. in addition, you can configure an XML file to specify the image directory to display the image files in your own space.

6. PhotoXhibit

The images used by this plug-in are from the Flickr, Picasa, or SmugMug account, allowing you to quickly generate beautiful albums to your Wordpress blog.

7. Shashin

Shashin is also a Wordpress album plug-in for Picasa. Compared with the KPicasa Gallery described above, Shashin has more functions. shashin supports embedding images in a specified Picasa album, Highslide effects, custom CSS style sheets, and setting the number of random images.

10. Shadowbox JS

This is a simple multimedia application plug-in written in JavaScript. With Shadowbox, your blog can display pictures, videos, websites, and inline content with Lightbox effects.

11. Inline Gallery

This WP album plug-in allows you to quickly insert any number of images into your article. The plug-in idea comes from another album plug-in AutoGallery.

12. Fotobook

Fotobook is a Wordpress album plug-in that connects to your Facebook account and imports all the albums in your Facebook account to the Wordpress application. this plug-in uses Facebook APIs, so it is easy to import your photos.

13. WP Photo Ablum

This plugin allows you to better manage images and albums in your Wordpress blog.

14. WP-SimpleViewer

This plug-in allows you to easily integrate SimpleViewer Flash album to your Wordpress log and page. its Background Management Interface helps you set all options and create albums. you can also add attributes for each image. the plug-in is available in multiple languages.

15. Gallery Widget

Gallery Widget is a very simple album plug-in that allows you to display images in the Wordpress media repository to widgets in the sidebar or locations you specify. The display mode can be the latest images or random images. you can add it through the Wordpress Widget or in the template code.

16. Picasa Lightbox

With Picasa LightBox, you can easily add Picasa images to your blog logs or pages. you do not need to add any additional labels. click the Picasa Photos Tab to browse your album and select the picture you want to insert.

17. WP Vault

This is not just an album plug-in. It allows your Wordpress to be like a file storage and sharing website.

  • You can upload and store any form of files (not just image files). You can install your Wordpress into a file storage sharing website.
  • You can upload files to WP Vault through FTP.
  • You can also upload files to WP Vault over HTTP. you can upload your images in a simple and efficient manner. That is to say, you do not need to download the images to your local computer and then upload them directly from the Internet to your WP Vault and the corresponding server.
  • Powerful ajax-supported Image Browsing program.
  • With the album function, you can easily insert data to logs or pages without adding any code.
  • Allows you to change the image size and generate new files for saving.
  • Tag-based image organization.
  • And more powerful functions

18. DM Ablums

DM Albums is an image album plug-in that can display high-quality images and thumbnails to perfectly adapt the sizes to your Wordpress blog.


  • DM Albums t automatically creates a thumbnail for your image and inserts a convenient album to log. That is to say, you can view all the images in the album without leaving the current log.
  • DM Albums provides a full screen link for your access.
  • All configurations can be controlled through the plug-in panel.

19. Lazyest Gallery

A full-featured and easy-to-use Wordpress image plug-in that automatically creates thumbnails and slides. you only need to activate this plug-in, upload your images through FTP, and then tell Lazyest Gallery where your images are located, and it will find your images, then, when you issue the command to display it, it will appear immediately :)

20. AWSOM Pixgallery

AWSOM Pixgallery is an image album plug-in. It is suitable for art display blogs or designers to present their works of art. Its main functions include:

  • You can use the visualized editing button to add attributes, sort, and automatic thumbnails for images.
  • Supports automatic watermark adding.
  • You only need to add a few simple codes to your log or page to insert the album.

21. Galleria WP

Galleria WP is an image album plug-in that supports WordPress2.5 and later versions. it uses the short code function of WordPress 2.5. its features include customizing CSS styles, displaying EXIF meta information, slide display (including play and pause buttons), and displaying multiple albums on one page.

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