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In June 1979, China sent a delegation to the United States to study primary education. After returning to the country, the delegation wrote a 30,000-word report, in which there were four paragraphs:

1, students regardless of moral quality, ability, high and low, all arrogant, complacent, a great "I am for me and extraordinary" means.

2, the second grade students, big characters do not know a fight, subtraction still fingers, all day extravagant talk about inventions, in their hands, let the earth, as if all easy.

3, stress, body, beauty, and light number, reason, and. Whether public or private school, sound, body, beauty activities are in full swing, and the number, reason, the no one.

4, the classroom almost in a state of control. Students or wink, or chatting, or upturned legs, and even more, such as shopping, in the classroom to sway.

Finally, in the concluding part, it is written that American primary education is terminally ill, and it can be predicted that, in 20 years, China's technology and culture will overtake and surpass this so-called superpower.

In the same year, as an exchange of visits, the United States sent a delegation to China. After reading a few schools in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi ' an, they also wrote a report, and there were four paragraphs in the story:

1, Chinese Primary school students like to put their hands on the chest in class, unless the teacher asked, raise the right one, otherwise it is not easy to change; Kindergarten students like to have the back of the hand behind, outdoor activities, except.

2. Chinese students like to get up early, before seven o'clock, the most seen on the streets of China are students, and they like to walk along the roadside with breakfast.

3, Chinese students have a job called "homework", according to a Chinese teacher explained, it means school work in the family continuity.

4, China's highest test scores of students known as the best students, they at the end of the semester, generally will get a certificate, others are not.

In the concluding part of the report, they wrote: Chinese students are the most diligent in the world, and they are also the oldest and most late asleep in the world, and their academic performance is best compared with those of the same grade students in any country in the world. It can be predicted that in the next 20 years, China, in terms of technology and culture, is bound to leave the US far behind.

25 years on, America's ailing education system has trained fifty or sixty Nobel laureates and nearly 200 knowledgeable billionaires, and none of China's schools have developed a single such talent. Both of the prophecies were wrong.

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