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99 designers must know the site, are very good, outside the country, this article is worth collecting.

The 1 spunk United is a very good magazine, with an exclusive interview with the world's top designers, inspiration and articles.

2 Freelance switch All resources on this site are open for free, you must know:

3 Computer Arts This is a very good network magazine, the Chinese version of the magazine is "Computer Arts digital Art", I believe that the designers have subscribed to the magazine.

4 David Airey a professional graphic and logo Design Master to share all his knowledge here, you can learn a lot from here

5 Behance can bring you design inspiration, here are all the designs from all over the world, very cool.

The 6 Pdf mags is a very good magazine, with an exclusive interview with the world's top designers, inspiration and articles.

7 Graphic Design Forum This is the most active graphic design site, compared to designed for beginners.

8 design is kinky this is a purely web site for designing news and general design from Australia

9 Freelance Folder A blog community, published are commonly-used articles, very rich.

Bittbox offers a lot of design resources, such as tutorials, brushes, vector graphs and more ...

One Vandelay webdesign provides a large number of very understandable article resources and techniques for web designers.

The designer is a very complete and diverse article on design

This site shows the excellent design from the world, these designs also represent the direction of the design, there are very good design resources, design magazines and blog posts.

Web Design:14 Noupe an absolutely excellent site for web design and Web development (CSS&AJAX)

Smashing Magazine This site information is very comprehensive and very wide, if you are a designer but do not know this site, then we are too sorry for you.

Vitaminvitamin is a site for web designers, programmers, and bosses to provide resources, and 50,000 subscribers are a good showcase of his strength.

Ways we design, we develop, here has always been the quality of the article

A List of Apart network design blog time Another pillar site, a variety of members provide a very good article.

Site point is very diverse sites, graphic design, css,ajax ....

The Rissington podcast outstanding design site to the outstanding network designer John Oxton and Jon Hicks

Web appers for network developers to provide open blog source

Happy COG They share their best ideas and reach out to the world's web design

23-web Designer Wall is definitely a web designer and an excellent site for all the designs that must be known.

resources:24 design float to dig a lot of topics related to designing, you must know

25-PSD tuts hehe, this is the best tutorial site in the network .... Great, I like this site very much.

26-blue vertigothe must HAVE bookmark All-Stock Resourceson the net.

27-sxc.hu My favorite resource site

28-icon finderself explanitory.

29-da Font Free Fonts

Maniackers design makes in many free resources, you can find a lot of different inspiration,

31-colour lovers found, creative turn, change your favorite color

Show Cases:32-command Shift 3 Don't know if you've heard of this site, this is a site you can get inspiration for,

33-showcase Point shows Flash & CSS sites

34-zeniltuo here is a very rich and creative site.

35-the FWA mainly shows the flash site, but all are high quality oh, the idea is very good.

36-css maniacss de another display stand

37-CSS remix very good CSS gallery, you can see a lot of excellent CSS site

A good choice for 38-best Web gallery design.

39-screenfluent a good network design choice.

The sites by verifying the excellent site of the consortium

41-css Beauty Another very nice site about CSS, with lots of interesting articles about new web development

42-edu Style also has a lot of nice CSS galleries at school or college, which is a particularly nice address.

Development:43-problogger's blog posts are often available for many bloggers.

45-pro Blog design about upgrading your blog, there are only high-quality articles

46-WP Designer The authors of these blogs are many of the developers of WordPress

A large Ajax bookstore on the 47-ajax Rain network

48-css3.info CSS3.

49-css Earth This site has the best article on CSS

Flash & flex:51-labs adobe new technology articles from Adobe

52-christophe Coenraetsflex Developer's blog.

54-adobe AIR Tutorialsair Tutorial Network

55-mike Chambers Foundation program and Technology site

56-the blog Flash Action Script. 3 and Flex. Blog

57-jean Phi Blog One of the finest flash developers in France, there are many outstanding works

Typography:60 Swiss Legacy printing, grid design

61-i love Typographyspeaks for itself. A must know.

62-design & Typo's famous Peter Gabor blog, there are very many very unique ideas here.

63-the typographer A famous site about printing in France

64-slanted a big German about the printing site

Video & Motion:65-stage6 Animation (2d and 3d). Very nice.

66-fubiz A very good blog, there are a lot of creative details of the introduction, the collection of it, absolutely not wrong

67-motiono grapherinternational Reference for all who are in the motion business.

68-video Copilot's tutorial site for making video effects

69-graphics/motion Italian Motion Blog, the article quality is very good and updated very regular

FX Guide very good motion and video Exchange site, do not miss such a good site

71-works Motionjohn Dickinson is a site that has many ideas and inspirations and tips

Personal design Blogs:72-elliot Jay Stockselliot Jay Stocks no one knows him.

73-veerle Blog Network, one of the most beautiful blog site, a very comprehensive article and tutorials

75-jina Boltonjina Bolton is the author of this book's CSS, Create Sexy stylesheet

76-snookjonathan Snook is a well-known graphic designer, programmer, writer with a speaker, in his blog, for all designers prepared a lot of knowledge.

76-stuff and Nonsensemarkley One of the most famous designers in the world.

77-lysergidloïc Sattler is a very famous designer in France. Excellent article and design.

78-iso 50Scott Hansen is an absolutely brilliant designer.

79-john Nack blogjohn Nack Blog, very professional and comprehensive about graphic design and Adobe

Web2.0:80 NetVibes


82-twitter Social

83-facebook a site where you can record your life, Facebook.

84-flickr A photographic exchange, now countless users use new photos to discover everyday life

Relaxation: Limited to browsing, the design of the face is basically interested in the designer (pop, music, design) 85-vinyl misuses about a toy magazine, must see, the design is really cool ...

86-discobell about the music site, original display

87-hype Beast Fashion Culture magazine


Poprave Blog

The Various:91-all Graphic design contains all the sites that are related to digital designs

92-north X East for the bloggers

93-ads of the world's best advertising is on this site. A lot of shiny ideas are here.

94-logopond website that provides inspiration for logo design

95-logo Designs Love a blog that is designed entirely for Logo design

96-split Da Diz

97-boing Boing

98-business of Design Online

99-just Creative Design who gives you a list of 99 sites with digital designs? is we, Just Creative design, we are happy to provide you with the resources and articles on digital designs

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