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C + + libraries:

1,pdf Class Library Podofo
Podofo is a C + + class library for manipulating PDF file formats. It also contains widgets for parsing, modifying, and creating PDF text


Xpdf is an open source PDF file Browser, Xpdf can decode LZW compression format and read encrypted PDF files

3,pdf Build Tool Poppler

Poppler is a C + + class library that is used to generate PDFs, inherited from Xpdf. It uses a number of advanced class libraries such as FreeType and cairois to achieve better output, as well as a set of command-line Toolkit

4, Jagpdf

Jagpdf provides a library for C + + and Python programming languages to generate PDF documents

5, Libharu

Open Source PDF Library


ClibPDF is a C function library that can generate PDF files directly without the need for tools such as Adobe Acrobat to support it.

7,pdf Paging tool LLPP

LLPP is a mupdf-based PDF page paging tool

8,pdf Format Analyzer Mupdf

Mupdf is a PDF format parser that is used to read PDF files and create Fitz Trees

Mupdf also has an API to modify the internal object of the PDF file and write to the file. For example, it is possible to use an encrypted mupdf library to rearrange the pages of an existing PDF file

9,pdf Document Processing Toolkit PDFTK

PDFTK is a simple command-line tool for everyday PDF document processing, including merging, splitting and encrypting, adding watermarks, parsing PDF metadata, compressing and decompressing, and repairing damaged PDF documents.

PDFTK Server does not require Adobe Acrobat or Reader support to allow for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

10,pdf Document Conversion Tool Pdf2djvu

pdf2djvu images, text, hyperlinks, bookmarks, metadata, etc. from PDF files and generate DjVu files

11,pdf Management Tools PDF Chain

PDF Chain is a PDF toolkit with a graphical user interface that provides an easy way to work with PDF files, complete merging, slicing, adding backgrounds and attachments to PDF documents


Lightweight Poppler-based PDF reader


PDF Development Kit (commercial)


PDF diff Tool


PDF Slide Show Tool


Pdfcube is a PDF reader based on the development of OpenGL


Pdfresurrect is a tool designed to analyze PDF files. The PDF format can change files in previous files that retain a newer version, thus creating a running historical change of the file. The tool tries to extract all the old versions, while also producing changes between the brief versions


Qpdf is a command-line tool for PDF file conversion, also known as Pdf-to-pdf. Qpdf offers many features that are useful to developers


Gspdf is a PostScript and the PDF Viewer for GNUstep that's based on Ghostscript


Pdftohtml can convert PDFs to HTML for easy embedding in Web pages, and can extract images from PDFs


PDFPC is a PDF document rendering console that supports multiple displays. GTK-based development


Pdfedit is a PDF document editor that supports Windows and Linux systems


Pdfcrack gadget for decrypting encrypted PDF document passwords


Open source PDF Rendering Engine


Qpdfview is a QT-based PDF reader


Java Library:

1,pdf Operation Class Library IText

Itext is a Java class library that can quickly generate PDF files. Itext's Java classes are useful for those that produce read-only documents that contain text, tables, and graphs. Its class library is particularly well-suited to Java Servlets

. Using Itext and PDFs allows you to control the output of the servlet correctly.


Very powerful PDF generation and parsing of Java class libraries


Jpedal is an open source pure Java PDF Document Parsing library that can be used to read text and graphics in PDF documents.


JasperReports is a Java-based, open-source reporting tool that can produce reports in the Java environment like other IDE reporting tools. JasperReports supports PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, and XML files

Output format. JasperReports is the most commonly used reporting tool for Java developers today.

5, FourFive


FourFive is a leading open source Web reporting solution that uses XML as its configuration file. Support for clustering, load balancing, dynamic Publishing, PDF, Excel, LDAP, charts, filters, sorting, layout customization, portals,

JasperReports, velocity templates, Internet Explorer compatible, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera.

6, Fop


FOP is an open source project initiated by James Tauber, and the original version was to convert the XML file into a PDF file using Xsl-fo. But the latest version of it can convert XML files into multiple formats such as Pdf,mif,pcl,txt and

Outputs directly to the printer and supports the use of SVG to describe graphics.

7, Jfreereport


Jfreereport is a Java class library that is used to generate reports. It provides a flexible printing capability for Java applications and supports output to printers and PDFs, Excel, HTML and XHTML, plaintext, XML and CSV files


8, Yahp


YAHP is a Java open source package that transforms HTML documents into PDF documents.

9, Pdfjet


Pdfjet is a Java class library for dynamically generating PDF documents. Supports drawing points, lines, squares, circles, Bézier curves (Bézier Curves), polygons, stars, complex paths, and shapes. Unicode enabled, text spacing adjustable

Embed hyperlinks, and so on. It has both Java and. NET two versions.



A tool for turning RTF documents into PDF documents


. NET components

1,i Textsharp


is the C # component used to generate PDF documents

2, Pdfsharp


Pdfsharp is a C # library that easily creates PDF documents on the fly. The same GDI + like drawing routines can is used to create PDF documents, draw

On the screens, or send output to any printer. Pdfsharp can also modify, merge, and split existing PDF files or incorporate pages from existing PDF files

into new PDF documents.

3, Report.net


Report.net is a powerful and easy-to-use C # component for generating PDF documents


PHP Library

1, PHP PDF Factory


A PHP Library of PDF operations.



Tcpdf is a PHP5 function package that is used to quickly generate PDF files. Tcpdf is extended and improved based on fpdf. Support for Utf-8,unicode,html and XHTML.

3, Html2pdf


Html2pdf is able to convert an HTML text into a printer-friendly PDF file. This PHP script is built on top of the fpdfphp script.



Cpdfwriter is a PHP5 class capable of outputting PDF documents. Based on tcpdf,fpdf and other related scripts.



Fpdf This PHP class allows you to use pure PHP (or, more specifically, no pdflib) to generate PDF files. Features include: selectable unit size, page format and margins; headers and footers

Automatic page wrapping and text alignment, support for JPEG and PNG image formats, support for coloring and file hyperlinks, support for truetype,type1 and encoding, support for page compression. ...


PYTHON & Ruby Library



Prawn: Creating PDFs with Ruby is more straightforward

2, Reportlab


Reportlab is a toolkit for generating PDFs, developed in Python, which is an open source software.

3, PDF Generation Tool Pypdf

Pypdf This is a pure Python toolkit for building PDFs

Original address: http://blog.csdn.net/caowei880123/article/details/6240528

Good PDF Development Library

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