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The speed of the website is a problem that many people are faced with, in fact, many sites, have not deliberately to optimize the speed of loading, for a site, acceleration not only improve the user experience (if a site in a few seconds did not open, most users choose to be closed rather than waiting), but also for the flow of SEO has a great impact, We can understand this: the speed of the Web site faster, the speed of the loading of the Web page, so that in the same time, search engine spiders crawl The page will be more, thereby increasing the collection, the final flow of growth. Visible, the speed of the site is the impact of SEO traffic. So what should we do in terms of website acceleration? A5 Optimization Team www.seozhenduan.com that there are the following:

Code of fine reduction

Clear some redundant code in the Web page, there is such a tool on the net, can assist to complete, if need, we can take out the annotation in the code, even the blank row and so on also remove, as far as possible reduces the code quantity, thus reduces the page volume.

 CSS Sprites

Popular point, that is, picture merging, you can put some of the more general site of small Pictures, merged into a picture, and then use the CSS technology to call the different parts of the picture separately. This can greatly reduce the amount of HTTP requests, in the Web page load, the speed is much faster, now many large and medium-sized sites are using this front-end acceleration technology, the effect is very good.

 Specify width and height for a picture

This is also a lot of people are more easily overlooked, in the page, please specify a width property and height attribute for each picture, so that when the page loads, the browser will set aside the position, the code below the picture can continue to download without waiting, improve the speed of parallel download, Increased the speed of page loading.

  Enable Keep-alive Properties

Keep-alive you can understand that long connection, before the Keep-alive property is enabled, the browser requests the connection of the server is immediately broken, the execution of an HTTP request is complete, disconnect the connection, and enable

After the conncetion keep-alive attribute, the connection can be maintained for a period of time, thus increasing the speed at which the page is loaded.

 Using browser caching

We can use caching technology to improve the loading speed of the page, for some infrequently changing files, set a relatively long expiration time, so that when the user visits the site, it will leave the cache in its browser, and when it is next requested, the component left in the cache will no longer have to send an HTTP request to the server, This reduces the browser to the Web server issued by the number of HTTP requests, thereby increasing the page load speed, which in some pictures more sites, the effect is very obvious, we should be good at using caching technology.

 Enable gzip compression

Medium and large Web sites, basically all have gzip compression enabled, if you are using a virtual host, you can let the service provider for you to enable, if you have a server, you enable it is very simple, why enable gzip compression will speed up, because when the gzip enabled, the Web server before you transfer data, is compressed, when transferred to your browser, will be decompressed again, so you can display in your browser, and the compression rate can achieve a lot of high, the effect is very good. Generally after you have enabled the compression, the search engine to your site's crawl volume is also up.

There's still a lot of work to do in front-end speed optimization, for example, large companies have enabled CDN acceleration, your pictures can also be lossless compression, CSS, JS files can be used to compress some professional tools, the head of your Web page to declare the character set, as little as possible with redirection, Designated last-modified or ETAG, of course, how many of these involve some technical aspects of the problem, do page front-end optimization is a system of engineering, is the need for technology, SEO, operation, etc. to cooperate with the completion, but this investment is absolutely worth it. A5 Optimization Team original, original http://www.tangshijun.com/post-2811.html

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