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We know that FileZilla is an open source FTP solution that provides client and server side support for FPT, SFTP, FTPS, which you can see from the wiki about FileZilla, but here's a clarification of the protocol support for SFTP , only the FileZilla client is supported, and the server is not supported, so the support situation is as follows:

FileZilla client-ftp, SFTP, FTPs

FileZilla Server–ftp, FTPs

The front-end time from Baidu and Google saw FileZilla introduction, a lot of places vague introduction FileZilla support agreement, so misled the like me a group of people. Because there are a lot of people online and I like to ask again, FileZilla server how to configure SFTP. Check to find out, or there is no result, whether it is Chinese or English.

Also found that someone ftps wrong to think that is SFTP, but also posted online how to FileZilla server configuration Sftps, in fact, how to configure FTPs. FTPs is actually FTP over SSL/TLS, and SFTP is SSH + FTP (this is not very accurate here, because SSH plus ftp, may also be ftp over SSH, not sftp, but we are here mainly to distinguish with FTPs, So you think so for the time being.

The following is a description of the FileZilla official website for FileZilla server:

FileZilla server is a server so supports FTP and FTP over SSL/TLS which provides secure encrypted conn Ections to the server.

The support for SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) are not implemented in Filezilla Server.

For details, see:


FileZilla server is really support FTPS, the following simple how to configure:

1. Open FileZilla Server interface, this program and FileZilla server are 2 things back to different programs. This program is intended only for FileZilla server, and FileZilla server is typically run as a Windows system service. For example, FileZilla server is MS SQL Server, and FileZilla server interface is MS SQL Server Management Studio.

2. Log in to the FileZilla server.

3. Menu Edit->setting

On the left side of the popup window, find the general Settings, SSL/TLS Settings

4. On the right side of the window you can see the ' Generate New Certificate ' button and click on it.

5. A new window will pop up and a 2-digit country number, such as 67, can be easily filled in.

There are other organization names, mail names, etc.

6. ' Save key and certificate to the file ' this place to fill in where you are going to put the generated files on your disk.

7. Then click on ' Generate Certificate ' to generate the file.

Then FileZilla will automatically fill in the corresponding place with the private key and certificate just generated, you do not have the dynamic.

Then go to add the user's place, add the new user, tick on

' Force SSL for user login '

This allows the user to log in with the need to use SSL to log in.

When using the FileZilla client connection, select Use

Protocol Type Select FTP

Encryption type select FTP over TLS

In fact, I did not do this way to do my work, because SSL actually requires the public and private keys to complete, this way only the server generated the certificate and private key, the problem is:

1. No Public key

2. The client does not need any public or private key to connect.

So it's safe to talk about it.

The above paragraph is my previous misunderstanding, and later found that the certificate itself contains the public key. When the client first accesses the server, the server sends the certificate to the client, so that the client has the public key, which can be used to encrypt a piece of text sent to the server to verify the authenticity of the server.

Finally I used




WinSCP support script control, can limit upload download speed.

about whether FileZilla supports SFTP

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