Analysis of SEO: Search engine optimization "Do not fall into the SEO trap" (ii)

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In the previous section of the analysis of SEO: Search engine optimization "Do not fall into the SEO trap" (a), we analyzed five possible SEO in search engine optimization of the blind spot. How to effectively avoid the search engine buried in the opaque "trap" it? In this chapter we further summarize:

  One: nofollow optimization

For the definition of nofollow here do not do too much professional emphasis, ordinary webmaster only know: Nofollow can be shielded search engine index links on it. See here may be some webmaster to ask: The site within the chain is not the more the better, why also want to block the link? The answer is also very simple: invalid internal links, will only dilute the weight of the keyword link. such as the internal site: "Contact Us", "online QQ", "Record number", "comments" and so on, if not these links to screen, will cause the weight of the site keyword scattered. On the other hand, will also be "QQ, Ministry of Industries" and so on to make unilateral links, the site unconditional export of a single necklace, light down the right, the search engine is mistaken for the "link transaction" station K off the amount is not possible. In fact, nofollow and robots.txt have the same similarities, but the scope of nofollow is more elaborate.

  Two: the wrong 301 jump

In the current search engine optimization, most of the sites have done 301 Redirect, but really do the right? Binary in the process of optimizing the site for customers, found that some of the Web site has done to point to the first page of the jump, but not for the real sense of the 301 jump, but "302" or "200". Although all completed the jump function, but the information to the search engine feedback is not the day. The reason is: 302 Redirect to do for "temporary" orientation, so can not pass the weight, the ultimate weight is also in its own URL. and 301 Redirect is "permanent" orientation, the original page weight will be all transferred to the new page. On the other hand, the use of error code caused 200 jump, but also by the search engine down the right penalty. So the webmaster in doing 301 directional, must be through the "301 redirect Tool" for testing. Note: Although 301 redirect can transfer the old domain weight to the new domain name, but in the process of delivery will not do 100% of the delivery. and Baidu received 301 redirect response time, than Google's response is much slower.

  Three: Away from the dark chain and black chain

Link exchange for sale, in the Webmaster Circle has formed a small industry. The reason is simple, through the purchase of links can quickly increase the weight of the site. But search engines have been fighting this for a simple reason: destroying search engine rules. But the search engine is not able to identify the other link is the money to deal with the link, after all, who will not tell the search engine "my link is purchased." But because of the hot link market, there are some shady links: dark chain, black chain. These links are usually for some black hat SEO to obtain commercial benefits, through abnormal means to get other people's Web site management rights to increase the number of "Friendship link", and the location of the link is also relatively covert, not easy to be perceived, so also become the focus of the search engine targets. And the nature of these links is also more easily judged, in this binary proposal, the webmaster purchase chain away from the dark chain, black chain and other unconventional links, do not fall into the SEO trap.

  Four: K station is not a closed station

Most stationmaster thinks, once the website is the search engine do K station processing, then basically also do not have any hope, again the possibility of comeback is very slim. But is that so? In fact, the search engine K station, not completely blocked off the net, some appropriate optimization techniques can make the site in K after the resurrection. Think of a typical example here: "Wolf rain seo" is not a good example? How many times has the search engine K been dropped? How many times have they recovered in the short term? So, if the webmaster think site K Station, in the short term incurable, and is entirely a false statement, just see the follow-up optimization is in place, When the requirements of the search engine to meet the conditions, the site is naturally released sand box.

  Five: Included with the weight has nothing to do

There are webmaster saying, the site second included high weight, but the fact that the speed of the collection, really means that the search engine to give the site's high weight? In fact, the so-called seconds now can be easily achieved. Basically, it can be said that the internal structure optimization in place, do not appear a lot of problems, and then add a modest chain promotion, seconds can be easily realized. Therefore, included with the weight is irrelevant, because some new stations can reach the effect of seconds. However, although the second charge is not related to the weight, but a long period of seconds can achieve the cumulative weight of the site effect.

As on the content of the binary network to take a chapter of the analysis continue to List 5 (, hope to help the webmaster. If reproduced, please retain the address, support Labor.

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