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As a result of the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to their own health, coupled with the popularity of the network, people can access the Internet at any time to inquire or learn about medicine and health knowledge. Today we are going to talk about the color scheme of the health care website, of course, many medical, biotech companies, hospitals or individuals will also publish relevant knowledge to the network, so the health care site is more and more.

The characteristics of the medical and health care websites

The health care website is mainly used in medical, health, biotechnology and other units to disseminate and publicize relevant medical and health knowledge. The specific functions of the website include the release of health care consultation through the network, the doctor-patient interaction, the enterprise customer feedback, health information inquiry, etc. Different health care institutions because of different services, the site content, design style and so on are not the same. The design should pay attention to calm, generous, clear structure. Healthcare sites are different from other types of websites, and content editing and website production should be done in a serious, rigorous and responsible manner.

Second, the classic color case analysis

In the health care website, there are a number of successful page color cases, here are several successful cases, to improve the designer's understanding of the color of the Web page.

Medicine website Blue Sky White clouds background gives people relaxed feeling, green brings healthy feeling, large area of white highlights the theme, the overall is both concise and harmonious.

医疗保健类网站配色方案解析-医疗配色方案 医疗保健类网站配色方案解析-医疗保健类股票

The website uses the warm color similar colour, achieves the warm, the cordial service atmosphere, the overall simplicity, the harmony.

医疗保健类网站配色方案解析-医疗保健类企业 嘉兴 医疗保健类网站配色方案解析-医疗保健类节目

This is a children's medicine health site, Blue is a health care site often used in the color, such as the blue sky to give people a pure, natural feeling. This site uses blue-green, yellow and purple, and then paired with bright orange, making the whole look lively and relaxed.

医疗保健类网站配色方案解析-医疗配色 医疗保健类网站配色方案解析-医疗配色方案

Third, the appropriate color scheme

Since the health care website is a service website for the masses, its design style and page color matching should be suitable for public browsing. For designers, the Web page color can not be too exaggerated, dazzling or charming, to use a positive, correct, objective overall style, guide users to browse the site, color, the best choice of mild, warm, natural color, do not choose too heavy color. Here are a few color schemes for designers to refer to.

医疗保健类网站配色方案解析-医疗保健类股票 医疗保健类网站配色方案解析-医疗保健类企业 嘉兴
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