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Xcl-charts V2.1

Android Open Source Chart library (Xcl-charts is a free charting library for Android platform.)

Xcl-charts is based on native canvas to draw a variety of charts, at design time, as far as possible to ensure the development efficiency at the same time, to provide users with enough customization capabilities.

It is therefore easy to use and has a fairly flexible customization capability at the same time.
Support Now (3d/non-dimensional, back-to-back) column chart (bar chart), 3d/non-3D pie chart (pie chart), stacked chart (stacked Bar chart), area chart,
Line chart, graph (Spline chart), doughnut chart (dount chart), Nightingale Rose Chart, instrument panel (Dial Chart), Dial (Gauge chart), Radar (Radar Chart), Circle Chart (circle chart), curve comparison chart , Range bar chart (rangebar chart), Bubble chart (Bubble chart) , Scatter chart (scatter chart), Rose Wind- up chart, quadrantand other charts.
Other features also include support forgesture zooming , chart swipe, click-to-interact, animation effects, multi-xy axis display, axis random orientation display, dynamic legend, chart reference line, mixed chart, and chart type switching with data source such as


Use Apache v2 License Open Source agreement.

Code hosting address on GitHub:


QQ Group: 374780627

Included in open source China address:

Why do you have this library?

The reason why this library, is because the previous period of time to study the canvas when the implementation of a variety of diagrams, and then think about maybe you can organize themselves into a chart library. The use of off-hours to write the program, formed today this chart library xcl-charts. Very troublesome, because during the period I have other items to write. I just managed to get away with it.

So xcl-charts for me is a pure interest project, pure practiced hand, I am not engaged in Android, so in the work can not use this. But I did not think that, to this day, can do today's degree, has greatly exceeded my own expectations. Only can say, sometimes write code is inertia, stop can not stop.

Some things about the library:

1. Native-based libraries

Before looking at many people is to use WebView call JS Library to draw, and Xcl-charts is directly using native canvas related functions to draw graphics, of course, this has advantages,

But there are advantages in speed and operability based on the native, and there is no need for you to do any more research on the web.

2. Open, free and highly customizable library

Xcl-chart as much as possible to encapsulate the drawing logic of the diagram in the class, and the drawing related to the various basic elements open , assuming that the used people will find that

I have opened up a number of paint brush classes and other functions, for the user to customize the various properties of the graph function ...

As a result, a very large number of people asked how to find the function of changing the size of the text, the function of color change ... Such problems.

Dear friends, I have not found that I have the Android powerful paint class have been open to you? There are a lot of these functions that are readily available, so why should I encapsulate them again?

At the same time I have opened the paint class to you, it is equivalent to provide unlimited transformation.

Open the shackles and throw away those libraries that have weak footprints. You have to get used to having so much freedom, and it's good to be free.

3. Library design Ideas

A netizen has asked me a question before, so many graphs, so many code, how did not see inherit which view? Just passed in a draw in the canvas??

Yes, it is true that the library has just passed in a canvas, so much of the code is done around this canvas.

Since I'm more inclined to do a base class library, a graph-generating engine, not a control library.

I think that drawing and view should be properly segregated, so that everyone is doing their own things, rather than messing around.

Given that the chart needs to interact and respond to some of the view's events, the library provides some relevant interfaces for the view to invoke, or a few tricks to combine with each other so that it is more flexible.

And in the existing way in the processing of mixed graphs, more graphs can call the graph class, the same canvas on a layer of painting. It's not too cold for a view to encapsulate a diagram.

4. How many kinds of graphs are supported by the library today

The number of functions is counted today, and there are 18 kinds of graphs in large and small at the moment. Surprised. Unknowingly made so many kinds of pictures come out.

5. Functional Requirements

Special function needs, if you can do it yourself, let's do it by ourselves. I usually just add what I think is interesting, and then I have a limited amount of energy.

6.bug, code extraction

Find the bug, welcome to submit a fix.

But for the only know from the library to draw instead of code out bearer. Don't ask for it, remember to give it back.

7. Is open source useful?

Open Source also has a period of time, actually have not practical? Conclusion is practical , can collect a bunch of demand, a variety of, today's app is really for the interface without. These requirements can be further

Intact this project. But temporary on the real use to change the bug, add function and other ways to participate in, a handful. So in terms of writing the program this job, open source has helped me,

But not as big as you think. Just do not matter, this thing is to write their own picture of a cool.

For the actual code of practice, I have written about their web name in the code and demo's about, and really thank them. Another group of brothers, some for various reasons.

No actual participation and code writing, but they are also in other ways to participate in, very much from the beginning to now have been concerned about, really very good. This is also open source is also a kind of harvest.

examples of some of the diagrams included in the Demoproject:

MAIL: [email protected] "old misunderstood, this is only a mailbox account just, although I think, but really does not mean anything"


Android Open Source Chart Library xcl-charts version number announcement and display page

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