Android STUDIO+SVN Configuration Build apk file

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Android Studio is an Android integrated development tool launched by Google, based on IntelliJ idea. Similar to Eclipse adt,android Studio provides integrated Android development tools for development and debugging.

First, off components download

Official website Download Android Studio

Official website Download Android SDK

Download svn website

Second, download and install the JDK and configure the environment variables (not repeat)

Install Android studio to import our project from SVN (install Android Studio can Baidu search by itself)

Iv. Import the Svn.exe plugin, click File->settings->subversion, such as import Svn.exe file

Find Svn.exe file Import

Add: If the Svn.exe file is not found, it is installed SVN when there is a setting we skipped, re-check the installation

At this point, we choose this option to go in

Select this and then install

As below, Svn.exe can be found after the installation is complete.

After the import is complete, we can upda the code and commit code directly from SVN here, it is convenient, and no need to
Switch to the beginning of the code path we pulled down the update, and eclipse in the SVN plugin function, but here
or a little simpler.

Click "Builder" on the toolbar and select Generate Singed APK

The following page appears, as shown in

Choose the APK package you need to test yourself and click Finish (these are all the environments that are already configured in the code)

For example, there are two files, one we are just playing apk package, one is Output.json packing log file, without tube

Six, install APK to the Android simulator or the real machine can start testing (Android SDK environment variable here I have configured)

Android STUDIO+SVN Configuration Build apk file

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