Apicloud brings technology into Yunnan to help internet startups

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What are the advantages compared to the two or three-line urban entrepreneurship in the North Canton ? in the article, the small series in-depth discussion of the current two or three-line cities in the Internet Industry development status, urban consumption dislocation led to the two or three-line city has a large-scale consumption capacity, prompting the gradual rise of the internet industry. We see from the various data, the current development situation is still in a relatively elementary stage, undoubtedly touched some bottlenecks.

According to the analysis, these bottlenecks include: less Internet enterprises, innovation is not high, the lack of momentum, resulting in the Internet entrepreneurial atmosphere is not strong, urban wages have led to the lack of Internet talent, local policies, culture and even regional problems caused by some.

To address these issues, Apicloud is ready to open a two or three-line city "ice-breaking journey" to help local entrepreneurs and developers, from solving the problem of app development, to reduce their entrepreneurial pressure and annoyance. According to Apicloud 300,000 + user's geographical distribution, the first station will be landed in Kunming on July 9.

In the two or three-line urban talent shortage, the environment is unfavorable, the rapid access to the market to test and feedback is particularly important. All say entrepreneurship not wait for people, the most afraid of is the time has passed, the market has formed, but your product is not online. Therefore, the cloud service can be solved by not self-built, which is required by entrepreneurs to remember in mind. Apicloud focuses on app development and uses HTML5 technology to develop mobile applications that reduce costs and shorten cycle times.

In the event, Apicloud's CEO Liu Xin will be " in comparison to the public number, mobile site, the advantages of the App?" How to develop high-performance, experience-good apps in a short period of time? " These two issues to everyone to share the dry, from the most basic entrepreneurial issues and communicate with the audience, to eliminate the first encounter in entrepreneurship the biggest confusion."

At the same time, the event also invited to the Li Lin Science and technology market leader, he combined with their own app operation and growth of many years of experience, and everyone talk about the app startups in those pits!

Subsequently, apicloud with the various fields of small partners will enter more than two or three lines of cities, such as Tianjin, Harbin, Urumqi and so on, with the leading development technology, into various cities, to solve the most real problem of app development.

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Apicloud brings technology into Yunnan to help internet startups

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