Artificial intelligence business card to solve enterprise sales pain point

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Now the company sells the pain point has four main aspects, receives the customer difficultly, the transaction is difficult, the management is difficult, the brand is difficult. The artificial intelligence business card is to know these difficult points, attempts to solve these difficulties and produces the product.

Artificial Intelligence business card with a card to get through 6 sets of systems, business card fission system, business card e-commerce system, official website system, customer service system, AI radar system, boss management system. It can intelligently identify user behavior, intelligent behavior portrait of customers, and be able to deal with customers to follow up, greatly liberate sales and customer service customers communication and maintenance costs.
Business Card Six system functions
First, the Intelligent business card fission system easy to solve the problem of the customer difficult
Artificial Intelligence business card fission system to get traffic at the lowest cost. The traditional way of enterprise is mainly search engine, official website, customer clue. These customers are high-cost, difficult, clues are not accurate, need to play human sea tactics, not only the salesman hard, the company's labor costs are also high. Intelligent AI Card Relying on this China's largest traffic depression, through the circle of friends, groups, the public number of fissile business card transmission, can instantly extract potential customers, at the lowest cost to obtain traffic.
Second, AI radar system to break the deal is difficult to deadlock
Enterprise sales in the acquisition of customer leads, if not clear customer intent, do not know the customer's point of interest where, it takes a lot of time to do customer follow-up, to promote the deal. AI radar system of artificial intelligence business card can track customer behavior data 24 hours uninterrupted, help them to screen high intention customers, and use the AI core algorithm to calculate and improve the sales rate.
Third, boss management system to achieve employee assessment visualization
Boss Management system users can real-time management of the full sales process through the mobile phone, real-time sales PK leaderboard to make sales management intelligence; Enterprises can automatically save the company customer Data cloud, employee turnover, customer resources One-click Transfer never lost; Visualize employee evaluation systems to accurately identify employee value.
Four, the Small program official website system to create Super Enterprise brand official website
Artificial Intelligence Business Card website system operation is simple, drag-and-drop, fool to complete the official website building, the public number of the article synchronized update, easy to build enterprise "super Official website". Enterprise full flow into the small program, take advantage of the flow of each employee, through the business Card Applet official website standardization output brands and products, everyone is a corporate brand officer.
"Intelligent AI Smart card" as a quick print business card share marketing important section, in order to help the industry to open business card marketing market, intelligent AI card with its unique AI processing technology, and strive to deep into the business card marketing market, constantly bring new ideas for the industry, inject new thinking, the future will be a smart business card, In the era of intelligent sales, to be used, the benefits are endless.

Artificial intelligence business card to solve enterprise sales pain point

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