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Axios call interface processing method after timeout request
Sets the global number of requests, the gap of the request Axios.defaults.retry = 2;axios.defaults.retrydelay = 1000;//HTTP response    Interceptor Axios.interceptors.response.use (response=>{//console.log (' After request response ');    Const RES =, code = res.error_code, msg = res.message; if (code = = 0| |    Code = = 1) {//Success return res;      }else if (code==-4) {console.log (msg);    Store.commit (' Updataloginflag ', false);    }else{Console.log (msg);  }}, (Err) = {//Return status code not to 200 error handling const;  Const Status=err.response.status;    Switch (status) {//case 500:router.push ({name: ' $ '});  Case 403:router.push ({name: ' 403 '});  } var config = err.config;  If the configuration does not exist, or if the retry option is not set, the IF (!config | |!config.retry) return Promise.reject (err) is rejected; Set a variable for tracking retry count Config.__retrycount = Config.__retrycount | |  0;  if (Config.__retrycount >= config.retry) {return promise.reject (err);  } Config.__retrycount + = 1; Create a new request to handle callback var Backoff = new Promise (functiOn (resolve) {setTimeout (function () {resolve (); }, Config.retrydelay | |  1);  });    Axios will re-request return Backoff.then (function () {config.baseurl= ";  return Axios (config); });});


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