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Baidu SEO proposed to come out so far, heard is very popular with many webmaster, everyone for an invitation code and run around asking for it. Believe that a lot of webmaster before also everywhere to ask such an invitation code, after all, is Baidu produced, but also to the site has the benefit, and still inside, make Baidu SEO proposal become more mysterious, many stationmaster all for it and night can not sleep, post-season.

Words, it is said that the matter how it is difficult to say, after all, Baidu for a new product, the momentum means or some, not to say Baidu SEO suggestions, light from several products Baidu, and webmaster related to a number of products are all closed to the invitation, the owners are naturally struggling to ask for it. Fortunately, in pursuit of the public after a period of time, but also smoothly get an invitation code, rapid landing, a revealing Baidu SEO proposal of the mystery (of course, the article is the latest, SEO suggested that the invitation code has been, but not to write articles only):


The whole interface is like this, and it simply makes you disappointed, but in fact, if you have an invitation code, you may even feel incredible about the behavior you've been seeking before. After the inspection, will return some Baidu think need to modify the page, of course, the detection of the project is less because this product just launched, still need to improve, plus some other reasons, disappointment to disappointment, these several projects are more common problems, Baidu nature can not be ignored. I will combine Baidu Search engine optimization Guide to uncover SEO recommendations:

First, the importance of the URL

The simple two point is to list the importance of the URL, although a little bit of the flavor, but it is not difficult to see, Baidu's attention to the URL, although Google has been clearly able to crawl dynamic links, but Baidu seems to be very concerned about the page URL is dynamic or static, this is a signal ah, look back to see Baidu Encyclopedia, You will find that the Wikipedia URL is simply not easy, but I do not quite understand is the URL length and title length is related, Baidu SEO proposal did not point out, although the encyclopedia and their own understanding is there, but there is no authority to say when, or suggest more reference encyclopedia; Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide page 9th has pointed out that the URL of the recommendations:


Baidu's attitude is clear, is to tell us convenient is the user rather than search engine, then this should be from the user experience, as for Baidu's understanding of "users" including SE is not known. In the 20th page to improve Baidu suggested URL static when the answer is no impact, in the SEO proposal but from the spider out to see the page, can be seen in the process of dynamic static Baidu will still tend to static:


Second, the content of the page

1, Baidu SEO suggestions in the page content appears a bit shabby, just a few information, it seems not satisfied with the hope that the study of advanced SEO skills, but if you really want to study advanced SEO skills, do not recommend staying in the SEO proposal; On the contrary, if you want to do a good job of a website to make it in Baidu has a sound performance, The projects are enough for us to tinker with. You may not see the bright spot, but I tell you when all the search engines are gradually abandoning meta information in the keyword, Baidu but as an important SEO advice, which presumably everyone knows. And the following picture is Chen Jian found the bright spot, bright blind eyes:


In addition, Baidu pointed out that the lack of meta tags may affect the presentation of the Web page, in fact, from any SE Ctr is very important, similar to some treasure on Taobao description, how to do attractive, direct impact on sales, and the search results page description directly affects the click Rate, you will click on this information?


Title A short 5 words, and the search for the keyword does not match, described only a word, there is no relevant keywords, the third column is the Web site, no matter how bad it is, just that users rarely click on such information, Baidu also hope to improve their entire site Ctr, it has this suggestion, Here are the recommendations in the Guide (page 14th):


The back is the recommended practice of Baidu, want to know what are, please download the bottom of this article, "Baidu Search engine Optimization Guide" ^_^

2, the picture Alt information proposal is closer to internationalization, after all, all se all such requirements, Baidu finally with the times, involving the details of the inside left us more imagination space, there are a lot of friends will certainly greatly add test and adventure.

3, the latter two points do not need to do more explanation, the guide also mentioned, SEO suggestions appear in these two points is taken for granted, you can imagine a search engine processing enough information, but also to deal with these difficult to identify information? Don't say Baidu, foreign advanced search engines do not like frame framework, very resource-intensive, Baidu is not stupid!

Conclusion: There may be some people think that Baidu SEO proposal is nonsense, but as long as you carefully to adjust, this is not nonsense, exactly is to cater to a website Baidu taste, go back to see Baidu Encyclopedia, why all the pages have not "the world's largest encyclopedia", but only on the home page? To bury the subject here, If you are interested, discuss it together.

How can you combine the guidelines to see suggestions, you will find a lot of interesting things, many are known, but it is everyone will ignore, do not mention the factors that do not know, no wonder the Ancients have a cloud: restudying, the truth is so, simple can not be simple things, but often play a decisive role.

At least, to cater to Baidu, you will reap quite a lot. (original article, the first Guangzhou SEO consulting room and, reproduced please keep the link, thank you, the original link:

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