Batch processing of shared network connections to WLAN under WIN7

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Copy the following code to Notepad, select Save As, select the file type as all files, and name the file with a bat-suffix file (***.bat).

Must run as Administrator!

How to turn on network sharing:

Do not have to change IP to try:

Code section:

@echo off

: Head




Echo only win7 available, run as Administrator, do not run as Administrator please exit again to run as Administrator

Echo--by Hkkkyy


echo Please select A,b,c,d,w:

choice/n/C abcdw/m "A. Configure the wireless router, b read no lines by configuration, c. Open the wireless router, D. Exit program, W. Help Info"

if errorlevel 5 goto Help

if errorlevel 4 goto exit

if errorlevel 3 goto start

if errorlevel 2 goto load

if errorlevel 1 goto creat

: Error


Echo does not have configuration information or configuration errors, please reconfigure the router

: Help


echo Help info!

echo Open Internet share:


Echo 1. Open Network and Sharing Center

Echo 2. Change adapter settings on the left

Echo 3. Right-click on the network adapter connected to the Internet

Echo 4. Select Properties

Echo 5. Select the rightmost share

Echo 6. Allow other network users to connect tick

Echo 7. Select Wireless network connection * (Microsoft Virtual WiFi miniport Adapter)

Echo 8. All the way to confirm, set complete!


echo more questions, please send to email:


Goto Head

: creat


set/p ssid= Please enter the wireless network name and press ENTER to end:

set/p key= Please enter the wireless network password and press ENTER to complete (8 digits or more digits or letters):

Echo%ssid%.%key% >wlan.inf

Goto load

: Load

If not exist Wlan.inf goto error

For/f "delims=. Tokens=1-2 "%%a in (Wlan.inf) do set Ssid=%%a & set Key=%%b

Netsh wlan set hostednetwork allow%ssid%%key%

If not errorlevel 0 goto error

Echo routing configuration is successful, does it turn on without line functionality? (y/n)

choice/n/C yn/m ":"

if errorlevel 2 goto head

if errorlevel 1 goto start

: Start

Netsh wlan start hostednetwork

if ERRORLEVEL 1 echo please reconfigure Routing and check that your computer has a virtual wireless network card

if errorlevel 0 goto now

Goto Head

: Now



Echo has no line enabled by the Open feature ...



The Echo SSID is%ssid% and the password is%key%

Echo--by Hkkkyy



choice/n/C tsx/m "Turn off No Line by function please press T, set timer shutdown Please press S, network connectivity test please press X"

if errorlevel 3 goto test

if errorlevel 2 goto shutdown

if errorlevel 1 goto stop

: Stop

Netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

Goto Head

: Shutdown

set/p time= Please enter the automatic shutdown of the length of time, such as an hour after the shutdown, enter 3600, cancel automatic shutdown Please enter 0:

If%time% equ 0 shutdown/a & Goto Now


if errorlevel 1 echo setting fails, verify that the input is correct, or first cancel previous settings & Pause & Goto Now

if errorlevel 0 echo%time% seconds after shutdown & pause & Goto Now

: Test



set/a ping2=%errorlevel%


set/a ping1=%errorlevel%

If%ping2% NEQ 0 echo your computer is currently unable to connect to the Internet & Pause & Goto Now

If%ping1% NEQ 0 echo Please share your current network connection to the Microsoft Virtual WiFi network adapter & pause & Goto Now



echo network connection is normal, if you are unable to connect to the network, please send the question to the mailbox:



Goto now

: Exit

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