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1. The six-layer structure of the block chain

Data layer: is a block + linked list of data structure, essentially a distributed block chain

Network layer: Peer-to-peer network.

Consensus layer: To develop the mechanism of acquiring currency in the block chain. For example, Bitcoin uses POW (Proof of work work proof mechanism): the better the computer's performance, the easier it will be to obtain monetary rewards. There is also the POS (Proof of Stake): a concept similar to a public dividend will give interest to the holder based on the amount and time of money you hold. And for example, the Super Ledger uses PBFT (Baizain fault tolerance).

Excitation layer: Mining mechanism

Contract Layer: The previous block chain is not this layer. Therefore, the initial block chain can only be traded, and cannot be used in other areas or other logical processing. But the emergence of the contract layer makes it a reality to use block chains in other areas, such as for IoT. This part of the etheric square includes the EVM (the etheric square virtual machine) and the intelligent contract two parts.

Application layer: The display layer of the block chain. For example, the etheric square uses truffle and WEB3-JS. The application layer of the block chain can be either a mobile end, a Web side, or an existing server that integrates the current business Server as an application tier.

2. Ethernet Square Structure

The top of the etheric square is dapp. It is exchanged through Web3.js and the Intelligent contract layer. All intelligent contracts are run on the EVM (etheric square virtual machine), and RPC calls are used. Below EVM and RPC are the four core elements of the etheric square, including: Blockchain, consensus algorithm, mining and network layer. In addition to Dapp, all the other parts are on the client side of the ether square, the most popular Ethernet square client is Geth (Go-ethereum)

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