[Book Note: Android game programming starts from scratch] 9. Game Development BASICS (how to quickly enter Android game development), learn android from scratch

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[Book Note: Android game programming starts from scratch] 9. Game Development BASICS (how to quickly enter Android game development), learn android from scratch

1. Do not blindly view API documentation
Many people prefer to explore API documentation when learning a new platform language. Not to mention the effect, at least the editor thinks that this method is not suitable for most people to follow suit. The main reason is that the API is widely used and involves too many knowledge points, for most people who have just been familiar with the platform development language, the forgetting speed is far greater than the memory! This is a method that consumes a lot of energy and learns a small amount of knowledge. It is only half the result.

2. The predecessors planted trees, and the future generations took advantage of the cold
For beginners, any knowledge point that they want to learn and master will be summarized by a senior. Therefore, we recommend that you learn each knowledge point, try to search for and learn articles about the knowledge points summarized by others on the Internet first. After all, the previous knowledge will reduce your learning detours. Finally, read the relevant API documentation in detail based on each knowledge point, and view the API documentation in a targeted and purposeful manner to get twice the result with half the effort.

3. Poor memory
Almost no one knows this proverb, but it is always left behind by many beginners. When learning, I always look at more code, but I do not know much code! As a programmer, it should be clear that if the code is not repeated, it will never run into the brain by itself, so more hands-on is the key to success.

4. develop the habit of self-study
It is unrealistic to learn new knowledge. Because no one is always there to help, But Baidu and Google can do it! They have the most comprehensive resource library and can find the most powerful technology. However, they will always be there waiting for you to use them. If you do not search for them, they are useless to you.

5. Make quick progress with small projects
When learning about game development, you must make more small projects. For example, if you have learned a new knowledge point today, you must first think as much as possible and think more about the type of game that this knowledge point will be applied, what role does it play in the game. Then, make sure to write a small project to contact new knowledge points.
There are two advantages for writing a small project: one is to consolidate new knowledge points, and the other is to discover problems that may occur when the knowledge points are actually applied to the game through small projects. Some problems cannot be found if they are not manually written.

6. Progress comes from problems
A good program is not written, but changed! No one can refute this sentence, because it is impossible for anyone to write the code to succeed, and there is no need to modify it.
When you encounter problems in your learning, you should not be excited, but be thankful, because solving the problems will mean progress. Never ask questions without thinking about them. It makes no sense to solve the problem.
Of course, we do not recommend that you study the problem yourself for several days or nights. You should be able to grasp the difficulty of the problem. If the problem does exceed your own capabilities, asking others is more helpful and efficient, provided that you have considered how to solve the problem.
In fact, the learning process of game development should be a puzzle process. first, we need to divide the modules to learn and accumulate certain module knowledge. Then, through these modules, We can spell out various types of \ various styles of games.

In game development, components provided by the system are rarely used for development. The main reason is the diversity of games. for example, a "continuous watching" game can have N gameplay, N scenarios, N styles, and N elements. therefore, if you still want to find the corresponding components from the system, the results will be disappointing, not that the system does not want to provide, but that it will never know the type and style of the game to be created.


To develop a game, please use your own hands to create its exclusive components for this game! In other words, you need to implement the components in the game by yourself, and do not blindly imagine what the system can bring to you. The system only provides one pen and one canvas. As for how wonderful a game world can be created, it depends entirely on the game developers.

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