Business desktop computers want to modify the system need to set the BIOS

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Some Lenovo Yang Tian, Kai Tian computer

Operation Steps:

Bios Entry Method Summary: For business desktop type, you can click F1 or del key to enter the bios of the motherboard, the new machine, please click the F1 key way to enter.

How to operate: after powering on the keyboard on the F1 or DEL key.

At present, the replacement system to adjust the BIOS can be divided into three categories

The first: set to compatible mode, through the arrow keys, the option to move to the "Device"-"ATA drives Setup" option to click Enter (enter), the following image interface appears. If the installation has a compatibility issue to modify, whether there is this option, please follow your actual interface to confirm. (not necessarily adjusted unless you encounter a compatibility issue with the installation)


Second: For the installation of XP blue screen changes, through the arrow keys, the option to move to the "Device"-"ATA Drives Setup" option click enter (enter), the following image interface appears. Set to IDE mode in the Configure SATA as option. (General Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not involve modifications to this option)


Note: The Q45 chipset will be more specific. Q45 chipset Please refer to article number 35993.

Third: Related settings that need to be changed for factory pre-installed Windows 8 models

(1) The menu is moved to "Startup" by the direction key;

(2) Select to "CSM";

(3) Press "Enter" key to confirm, select "Enabled";

(4) and then press "enter" key to confirm;

(5) Select "Boot Mode" and choose "Legacy";

(6) Press the "F10" key or "Fn" key "+ F10" key, after the pop-up window press ENTER enter, the machine will reboot.


If the CSM option is grayed out, you need to do the following.

(1) Move the menu to "Exit" through the direction key;

(2) Choose to "OS optimized Defaults";

(3) Press "enter" to confirm, choose "Disabled";

(4) and then press "enter" key to confirm.

(5) Press the "F10" key or "Fn" key "+" F10 "key, pop-up window and press ENTER ENTER."


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