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1, user segmentation: Target user group. User-centric, who is creating value for. Who is our most important customer.

2, value proposition: to convey to customers what kind of value. is helping the user solve what kind of problem. Which user requirements are being met. What series of products and services are being provided to customer segments

3, channel access: which channels can contact our customer segmentation group. How to touch them. How to integrate channels. Which channels are most effective. Which channels are the best cost effective. How to integrate our channels with routine procedures

4. User relationship: What kind of relationship do we want to establish and maintain with each of our user segments? We have established those relationships. How these relationships cost. How to integrate them with the rest of the business model.

5, source of income: What kind of value can make users willing to pay. They pay for what they buy now. How they paid for the money. What is the proportion of revenue per source of income?

6. Core resources: What core resources are needed for our value proposition. What core resources are needed for our channel path. What about our user relationship. What's the source of income?

7, the key business: products which function, so that users feel the product shape

8, important cooperation: key partners, key suppliers, from the partners to obtain what the key business

9. Cost structure: What is the most important inherent cost of our business model. Which core resources cost the most. Which key businesses cost the most.

Example Analysis:

The following is the Baidu Library business model canvas (only part of the painting)

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