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One installation of MongoDB

Download, install and one step on-demand website.

Two vs Create a new project

Create a. Netcore console project, and then nuget to install the driver Mongodb.driver

Three Establish connections

Adding code in the Program.main function

var New Mongoclient ("mongodb://"); var database = client. Getdatabase ("foo"var collection = database. Getcollection<bsondocument> ("bar");

Three objects, the client is the clients that connect to the database, and collection is the object collection.

The action on the object is collection.

Four-action 1> insertion
 varDocument =Newbsondocument {{"name","test Data 1" },                { "type","Big class" },                { " Number",5 },                { "Info",Newbsondocument {{"x",111 },                              { "y",222}}} };collection. Insertone (document);

As well as Insertmany (), given the high intelligence of VS superb tips, at a glance.

2> Find

After the previous step is inserted, find it out by find

Find () requires a filter parameter, which is queried according to the criteria

Collection. Find (BUILDERS<BSONDOCUMENT>. Filter.empty);

The above means unconditional query, matches everything.

If there is a condition, can be from Builders<bsondocument> filter, such as EQ is equal, lt is less than, GT is greater than ... Name implies. Powerful smart tips based on VS, very clear.

Example criteria query:

Collection. Find (BUILDERS<BSONDOCUMENT>. Filter.eq ("name"" test data 1") & Builders<bsondocument . filter.lt ("number"6));

Correlation or relationship between multiple conditions, corresponding use of & and | symbols

3> Update
Collection. Updatemany (BUILDERS<BSONDOCUMENT>. Filter.eq ("name"" test data 1"), Builders<bsondocument>. Update.set ("number", 6));

The update uses Updatemany (), which likewise supports conditions from BUILDERS<BSONDOCUMENT> Filter to get the.

Update support adds a new field, such as:

Collection. Updatemany (BUILDERS<BSONDOCUMENT>. Filter.eq ("name"" test data 1"), Builders<bsondocument>. Update.set ("number2"666));
4> Delete

Collection. Deletemany ()

Several other APIs are similar

Five Bsondocument to custom class object conversion

Do not introduce json.net (Newtonsoft.json)

1> Custom Types to Bsondocument

Extension functions:

Entity. Tobsondocument ()

2> bsondocument to custom types

Usually it's time to find it, ifindfluent.as<tentity> () to go.

 varresult =collection. Find (Builders<bsondocument>. FILTER.LT (" Number",999) & Builders<bsondocument>. FILTER.GT (" Number", the)) & Builders<bsondocument>. Filter.eq ("name","test Data 1"))
. ORDER BY (x=>x["number"])//Sort. Skip (Ten)//Skip. Limit (Ten)//Limit
. As<bar>()//m=>o. ToList ();//Like a great LINQ?

What if it's not?

var entity = bsonserializer.deserialize<bar> (Bson);

The custom class used is about the length of this:

     Public classBar { PublicObjectId _id {Get;Set; }  Public stringName {Get;Set; }  Public stringType {Get;Set; }  Public intNumber {Get;Set; }  Public intnumber2 {Get;Set; }  PublicBarinfo Info {Get;Set; }  Public classBarinfo { Public intx {Get;Set; }  Public intY {Get;Set; } }    }

Small Impressions:

MongoDB is very friendly to programmers and can dynamically change the structure, so that programmers are no longer afraid of frequent changes in demand.

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