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The CentOS operating system is a free version of the commercial version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), the ideal operating system for the architecture lamp, and, unlike Ubuntu, CentOS is used primarily for servers rather than desktop environments. Many large commercial sites use the CentOS operating system, I in the "Lamp Web site Architecture Analysis" has described a series of architectural solutions, here to CentOS as an example of the installation of the lamp environment and build.

First download the CentOS operating system ISO, download the address point here, the latest version of 5.3, the download file has two forms, one is CD CD version, to six disk, to download the file for Centos-5.3-i386-bin-1of6.iso, Centos-5.3-i386-bin-2of6.iso, Centos-5.3-i386-bin-3of6.iso, Centos-5.3-i386-bin-4of6.iso, Centos-5.3-i386-bin-5of6.iso, Centos-5.3-i386-bin-6of6.iso, one is a DVD version, want a disk, download files for centos-5.3-i386-bin-dvd.iso,3.7g capacity.

When the download is complete, use the CD burning software such as Nero to convert the ISO image files to the installation CD or DVD disc.

Then format the server hard disk, insert the CD or DVD to start the first disk, you can enter the CentOS installation program.

CD-ROM starts, the "boot:" prompt appears, press ENTER directly into the graphics installation interface. If there is a question about whether to test the CD media, skip the test here.

In the language selection interface, if you need to use the Chinese system, choose Simplified Chinese to install.

The keyboard is selected as "American English style".

After the partition settings, if the hard drive has no other systems, you can choose to remove all partitions, if you have Windows system, you can choose to remove the Linux partition.

Next is the network configuration, can configure the network address according to own actual situation.

Time zone setting, select the appropriate city according to your time zone.

Next, set the root password, because root is the system administrator user, so set a strong password to prevent cracking.

In installing the application interface, because we want to install the lamp environment, the main point is "now custom".

In server, check the World Wide Web server.

Point "optional Packages", select the modules that need to be installed, and install Apache, MySQL, and PHP modules by default.

After that, you will be prompted to install the discs and prepare the disks.

The next step is the installation process and the halfway system prompts for a swap.

After the installation is complete, a configuration interface is entered.

In the firewall settings, we need to open the HTTP port because we want to set up the site.

You can then create a personal account that is not managed to use.

After the reboot, it completes the installation, enters the CentOS login interface, enters the login user root and the root password to log in.

After you enter the username and password, you enter the CentOS main interface.

In system-administration-services, check the httpd and mysqld to enable the service to start automatically.

Next, enter the terminal interface, edit the/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file, the Apache server can be set up to test the PHP file, you can create a new file to/var/www/html/info.php, the content is as follows:

Phpinfo ();

Using Firefox to open, if shown as a graphical interface, PHP has been configured successfully.

Thus, a complete lamp (linux+apache+mysql+php) environment is installed.

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