Click events in Windows Phone ListBox

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<listbox x:name= "ListBox1" margin= "6" ><listbox.itemtemplate><datatemplate><grid Margin= "15" Tag= "{Binding ImageID}" tap= "Post_click" ><stackpanel orientation= "horizontal" ><image source= "{Binding Image} "width=" height= "stretch=" Fill "/><textblock text=" {Binding ImageName} "fontsize=" 30 " textwrapping= "Wrap" width= "/></stackpanel></grid></datatemplate></" Listbox.itemtemplate></listbox>


Private T findfirstelementinvisualtree<t> (DependencyObject parentelement) where t:dependencyobject{var count =  Visualtreehelper.getchildrencount (parentelement); if (count = = 0) return null;for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) {var child = Visualtreehelper.getchild (parentelement, I); if (child! = NULL && child was T) {return (T) child;} Else{var result = findfirstelementinvisualtree<t> (child), if (result! = null) return result;}} return null;}

Need to bind

private void Post_click (object sender, System.Windows.Input.GestureEventArgs e) {var selectedindex = ListBox1. SelectedIndex; ListBoxItem item = ListBox1. Itemcontainergenerator.containerfromindex (SelectedIndex) as ListBoxItem; StackPanel border = findfirstelementinvisualtree<stackpanel> (item); Image img = Findfirstelementinvisualtree <Image> (item); TextBlock Txtblock = findfirstelementinvisualtree<textblock> (item); MessageBox.Show (TxtBlock.Text.ToString ());}

Click events in Windows Phone ListBox

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