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A recent media report, after more than 10 days of DDoS attacks paralyzed, WikiLeaks (WikiLeaks) Web site in the cloud computing services provider CloudFlare Support finally came back online. WikiLeaks officials said they found CloudFlare because the CloudFlare had enough capacity and systems to block DDoS attacks.

At the beginning of August, WikiLeaks was paralysed by a DDoS-distributed denial of service. The spread of denial of service, refers to the spread of the local terminal through the different, together with the service to send a lot of calls to request, incur the service device overwhelmed and unable to echo the user's entreaties.

Now that WikiLeaks is on the line, WikiLeaks has posted a statement on Twitter, blaming the people who invaded and opposed WikiLeaks: "Is that what you're doing?" continued the invasion, our protective measures will be more stable. DDoS attacks, economic and spatial incursions come on, we are ready for war.

In conjunction with this, the alleged antileaks arrangement for the incursion also issued a statement that the invasion of WikiLeaks will continue. A person named Dietpepsi that he was one of the leaders of the Antileaks arrangement, which launched a DDoS attack on WikiLeaks in early August. He says some problems need to be addressed as WikiLeaks moves into cloud computing, but the arrangement is trying to find a way to paralyse the WikiLeaks Web site from scratch.

Security measures for cloud accounting

WikiLeaks has long had a history of cloud accounting, previously reported that WikiLeaks used Amazon's cloud service. In order to evade DDoS attack, and choose CloudFlare cloud Accounting. Because cloud accounting bandwidth is much larger than traditional data centers, DDoS attacks on WikiLeaks are naturally not worrying.

CloudFlare Global Data Center

A spokesman for Anti-leaks said WikiLeaks ' service is now hidden behind 5 cloudflare service players. CloudFlare did not actually run the website of WikiLeaks, but only to do a acting. This makes it very difficult to invade WikiLeaks, because the CloudFlare service bandwidth can reach 10gb/s, and the previous DDoS attacks on the principle of a lot of calls after the service is paralyzed.

In an effort to continue to invade WikiLeaks, a spokesman for Antileaks said they were looking for the real IP address of the WikiLeaks Web service, and he trusted their people to deal with these problems, just to spend time. Of course, in addition to defending against DDoS attacks, cloud accounting has an advantage when it comes to other viruses and attacks. The use of cloud accounting equivalent to the rated has a firewall, cloud accounting service providers will first filter out some viruses and attacks, only to allow normal visits and supplications. But other issues are more deserving of WikiLeaks ' concern than cyber-virus attacks, as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks website have been driven by many countries as a result of the release of many U.S. military documents on the Afghan campaign in late July 2011.

In July 2010, WikiLeaks released more than 90,000 data on the U.S. military's confidential documents on the Afghan campaign, hit. WikiLeaks, which has been threatened by the US military, is not to be overwhelmed and will continue to issue confidential documents. However, due to the expulsion of several countries, the WikiLeaks data Center is also a number of handling.

WikiLeaks Data Center

The WikiLeaks data center, for example, was previously transported to a basement in Switzerland, which is said to have been described as a haven for nuclear attacks. 30 meters underground environment, can withstand nuclear attacks and electromagnetic pulse of the battle bunker, and the data center as long as a import, and with a half meter thick metal door as maintenance, the safety factor is evident. How to prevent nuclear bombs, the local has been not WikiLeaks himself. WikiLeaks data centers have repeatedly been evicted as WikiLeaks ' confidential documents have angered many countries. , from the nuclear bunker basement to the Second World War anti-aircraft platform, to the public nuisance ships, and even to some advocates of high-altitude launches and spaceships.

Cloud accounting can handle the problem of driving data center

Data centers like WikiLeaks have been driven away by a number of sites, such as the famed BT download site of the Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay has been cleared by Governments for providing free BT downloads. Its data center service is also often transported. The Pirate Bay as the world's largest BT seed document sharing site, with 2 million of registered users, in the same share of the countless free resources, of course, these resources also contains a touch of copyright, controversy, not all age content. Also because of this problem, many countries have blocked the Pirate Bay website.

In November 2011, the BT download website Pirate Bay was blocked by the British, and then came out is being queried by the Swiss government. Pirate Bay to escape the killing of governments, has now announced that the service will be moved to space program, will launch near the trajectory of unmanned spacecraft, together with the service to move above, to escape the national government's inventory. According to the Pirate Bay blog, the Pirate Bay will launch a small unmanned spacecraft to 50-kilometer of the air, what is the concept of tens rice? Generally speaking, the flight altitude of civil flights is about 8 to 12-kilometer, and the trajectory of our Shenzhou spacecraft is about 300-kilometer. In this way, the Pirate Bay can not only move the service to the free area of the target, together with the economy and technology is not as difficult as the Space shuttle program, to know that the world as long as China, the United States and Russia can launch spaceships.

Data Center service is driven by countries, cloud accounting form can deal with this problem? Previously, WikiLeaks has heard the use of Amazon's cloud service platform. But then there was no thereafter. Cloud accounting can provide a lot of sites to protect the site, is still worth discussing, the cloud accounting service providers are also bound by political parties. The WikiLeaks is also designed to protect against DDoS attacks, the use of cloud accounting, to avoid the problem of its data center, from the nature of the WikiLeaks site is not possible.

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