[Cocos2d-js official documentation] 10, log, cocos2d-js document log

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[Cocos2d-js official documentation] 10, log, cocos2d-js document log

Api changes, new on the left and original on the right.

Cc. log unchanged cc. warn added cc. error added cc. assert <-- cc. Assert

There are several reasons for this transformation:

  • Add existing APIs: cc. warn and cc. error.

  • Modify the cc. Assert name to conform to the development specifications.

Examples of new APIs:

cc.log("this is a log");cc.log("this is a log for %s", "Cocos2d-html5");cc.warn("this is a waring");cc.warn("this is a waring for %s", "Cocos2d-html5");cc.error("this is an error");cc.error("this is an error for %s", "Cocos2d-html5");cc.assert(false, "this is an assert");cc.assert(false, "this is an assert for %s", "Cocos2d-html5");

Then we will definemsgCode.js

cc.msgCode = {    log1 : "this is a log",    log2 : "this is a log for %s",    warn1 : "this is a waring",    warn2 : "this is a waring for %s",    error1 : "this is an error",    error2 : "this is an error for %s",    assert1 : "this is an assert",    assert2 : "this is an assert for %s",    throw1 : "this is an throw",    throw2 : "this is an throw for %s", "Cocos2d-html5"}

In this way, message strings can be reused to the maximum extent and facilitate management.

Reprinted: http://www.douapp.com/post/2454

The size of one-to-one math required to be compared: 1. If 1 is less than x <10, then (the log base is the logarithm of x), and the log base is the square of x; lg

Dizzy · This indicates that the method is really cool. Isn't it lg at the bottom of log? You just wrote (lgx) 2, lgx 2, and lg (lgx ).
Limit 1 <x <10
Limit 0 <lgx <1
∴ Lglgx <0 <(lgx) ² <lgx ² <1

Log base 10 times the base 10 logarithm

Log10 (10 √ 10)
= Log 10 (10 ^ (3/2 ))
= 3/2;

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