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has been using Baidu statistics as the preferred statistical tool, compared to other tools, the biggest advantage is that the IP statistics accurate, efficient and efficient. But before always using its statistical function to count my wordpress blog. Today, accidentally found that Baidu statistics have a website speed diagnostic function, so combined with Baidu statistics to do WordPress speed optimization. Enter Baidu statistics, click Speed Diagnostics, start the diagnosis. After waiting a little time, my WordPress speed score is as follows:

Netcom 40 points

Telecom 60 min

The tool gives a number of very fine items that affect my WordPress blog speed, which has the following recommendations for where the speed can be optimized:

1. The connection network (4 items) page opens the process, a total of 47 requests (more than 34% of the site requests more times), can save 22 times connection Increase speed

Merging domain names can be reduced by 7 requests to merge domain names with only 1 resources under other domain names

Canceling redirection reduces 1 requests for multiple redirects, meaning multiple requests, and try not to use redirects

Analysis of the Web site JS too much can be reduced 1 requests to keep the statistical code open faster

Use CSS sprite to reduce requests by using CSS Sprite technology 13 times

2. Open page (2 items) User browser Open the page process, by the page content size, design and so on the impact of WordPress speed

JS location has 1 problems JS placed at the end of the page, you can speed up the page open

Picture size declaration has 2 problems if the picture size is not defined, the page needs to be rendered again, and the speed is affected

In response to these problems I have taken the manual plug-in automatic method to achieve the optimization of WordPress speed, Plug-ins used: DB Cache Reloaded, Hyper cache,wp Widget cache, Gzip,script Gzip. The above plug-ins respectively function as

DB Cache Reloaded: Automatic database optimization for MySQL using a period of time with related data Shing (i.e., lack of data correlation).

Hyper Cache: For dynamic Web pages need to constantly request to the server to cause delays in the request of the WordPress loading speed, the plugin to the Web page to achieve HTML static, reduce the number of requests above is the optimization time.

WP Widget Cache:widget is a function call of WP, also will request some things to the server. However, the general optimization plug-in will not optimize the widget, if it widdget HTML, soon reduce the request time to speed up? Wp Widget Cache is the implementation of the sidebar caching strategy. Ascension Effect is not general oh ^^!

Gzip: When we achieve the above Web page is not dynamic, the corresponding HTML file can also be further optimized, gzip is to achieve the original HTML compression.

Script Gzip:gzip will only compress HTML to ignore the current popular CSS, for GZIP only compressed HTML content of the page is not the default compression js/css, and the default JS code loaded in the head of the Web page to affect the speed of the search engine to open the shortcomings. Script gzip makes JS and CSS code greatly reduce the volume, and the loading of the code refers to the last time the load. In favor of Baidu or Google loading.

The above plug-ins to achieve the server optimization, although there are many server optimization techniques, such as the operating system level above the implementation of optimization ... But these are not our ordinary stationmaster can master. And we generally use space, VPS have not most. So these wordpress optimization techniques are enough. It says that the server side is optimized, and if the client is the visitor's browser, it would be nice if it was optimized. But you immediately thought, how can I control the client's computer? What I want to say is that we can optimize the browser by using the server-side settings, when the user's browser accesses our website, and gets the automatic optimization command. And listen to quicl explanation, the contents are as follows:

Add cache settings to the. htaccess file below the site public_html (the site root may be different).

# Expire Images Header

Expiresactive on

ExpiresDefault A0

Expiresbytype Image/gif A2592000

Expiresbytype Image/png A2592000

Expiresbytype image/jpg A2592000

Expiresbytype Image/jpeg A2592000

Expiresbytype Image/ico A2592000

Expiresbytype Text/css A2592000

Expiresbytype Text/javascript A2592000

Fileetag None

After saving, you will find that Baidu statistics will be a miracle to improve your score, such as my WordPress after Baidu statistics after the test optimization for:

Netcom 70 points

Telecom 71 min

Although not very high, but the rest of the problem I can not solve the current, Baidu statistics to give me the optimization of WordPress, such as: the speed of the server (money and policy issues I am in the United States in the virtual space above), the background picture too much recommended with high-end CSS Sprite (interface cool a little , unavoidably need to point picture modification, but the technology behind the more advanced do not engage in it, Google Ads JS load speed does not give force (whining ~ ~ is not my fault AH)

In short, today I successfully use Baidu statistical function to detect what my blog problems, using the relevant plug-ins for the server side of the automatic optimization, manual implementation of the client optimization, successful combination of Baidu statistics to optimize the WordPress speed two steps. I hope you can use quicl these methods to optimize your blog, your favorite blog to optimize the best ^^!

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