Common operations commands for MAC OS x terminals (Unix instructions)

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With more than 10 years of windows, and finally changed a high with the Mac, as the saying goes regardless of the front end or back end or toward the Linux, no matter how many PCs will eventually go to the Mac. Not learning command line with what Mac? It's done!

     the PWD display now the file path (print working directory) LS         displays the files and folders in the path  (list, not is! The landlord at the beginning of the old thought was is, has been wrong) mkdir   Create folder  (make directory) rmdir    Delete folder  (remove directory) RM        Delete file      (remove directory)            Delete folder     RM-RF: /.. /test123/  recursive   adj. return, recursive; CD         mobile             (change directory) usually first PWD look at the current path, then LS to see what is there, and then where you want to go straight                                                            Enter the name of the CD.      Go back to the top directory CD ~ Back to the     home directory             Note ~ is back to the home directory,. is to go back to the upper level, with the wrong very painful remaining some basic not how to use, skip. MV        move file or rename file  (move) rename            : mv a b    mv Gitignore ". Gitignore" Touch    Create file     Open file Force end  Ctrl + C


Common operations commands for MAC OS x terminals (Unix instructions)

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