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This article mainly introduces the commonly used tags in XHTML. XHTML is an extensible Markup script that plays a role similar to HTML. For details about the XHTML tags, see What Is An XHTML tag?
The XHTML tag element is a basic component of the XHTML document. The XHTML tag can be understood as the tag used to define the description of the XHTML document "What is this, what is it.
XHTML labels are keywords surrounded by Angle brackets, which are often paired, suchThis label indicates that this is an hmtl (xhtml) document. The first tag in the tag pair is the start tag, and the second tag is the end tag ).
Some labels are not paired or do not end, such as line feed labels.
Disable XHTML labels
In the XHTML specification, all labels must be disabled. Usually, end tags are used to close tags. unpaired tags are closed by adding/> with spaces, such
Although the browser can identify tags that are not closed, in terms of standards and in the long run, closing tags is required.

Commonly used XHTML labels
This label indicates that this is an hmtl (xhtml) document. Except for the XHTML file type declaration, all other XHTML tag elements must be embedded in this label.

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  1. ...
  2. Text and paragraph content

Indicates the header information of the XHTML document. This information is usually required by the browser and additional instructions for the XHTML document, such as the CSS style or other script information loaded by the document.

The tag defines the title of the entire XHTML document, which is displayed in the top title bar of the browser window. The tag is nested in.

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  1. XHTML tag-XHTML tutorial
  2. Tag

As the name suggests, this label describes the body content of the XHTML document. All the body content to be displayed is included in this label.

XHTML title
The XHTML document title is divided into six levels, which are defined.

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  1. Level 1 title

  2. Level 2 Title

  3. Level 3 title

Note that this title is notTitle, but usually equivalent to the core</P>

XHTML Section
The XHTML section consists

Tag definition:

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  1. This is a paragraph

XHTML hyperlink
XHTML hyperlinks are defined by tags:

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  1. 5 online iDev Web development tutorial

XHTML images are defined by tags:

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The image source is provided with the src attribute in the label, which will display the flower.jpg image in the browser.

XHTML form
The XHTML form is used to collect user input information, such as user messages. The form is defined:

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  1. Various form elements (text fields, drop-down lists, single quotes, check boxes, etc)
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