Configuration of DB2 server and client nodes

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Tags db2 db2 driver ibm db2 support is required on the FC6 and the Slinux is set to allow

DB2 Instructions guide for operating on machine
IBM DB2 Common operations
Install DB2
Establish DB2INS1 users
Useradd db2ins1
Password db2ins1

Create Instance-U is the name of the instance after the user name
Db2icrt-u db2ins1 db2ins1

Login to Db2ins1 User
Start DB2
Create database note database name not too long 8 characters

Root in/etc/services add db2tcp 50000
Specifies the communication protocol used by all DB2
environment variable Db2comm=tcpip
Set the port that DB2 listens on
DB2 update dbm CFG using Svcename db2tcp
Restart DB2
DB2 命令行处理器(CLP)中的常用命令

客户端上安装db2 rtcl
Creating User and User Instances

Execution on the client
Join a node on the customer
DB2 catalog TCPIP Node Cibas remote server 50000
To join a database in a node
DB2 Catalog Database Cibas (database name) as CIB3 (alias) at node Cibas (same as previous node)
Set the encoding format of the database
Db2set db2codepage=1386 (GBK), 819 (utf-8)
DB2 Terminate---command aborted.
Join in the Odbcins.ini
Description     = DB2 Driver
Driver =/opt/ibm/db2/v9.1/lib32/
FileUsage = 1
Dontdlclose = 1
In the Odbc.ini
Description = Test to DB2
Driver = DB2

Note the DSN name must be the same as the database name

DB2 Personal Edition (Linux) installation

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