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Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. Recently a period of time has been down, not only because more and more feel their ability to lack, more and more feel that they have to learn too much, but also because they really need to reflect on their next how to break the bottleneck, better to carry out the next step of development, here, whether a person to do things, Or simply seo this one aspect. In front of the article I and you have said a lot of their own understanding of SEO, I think SEO is very user-friendly, we webmaster provide SEO services need to grasp the characteristics of humanity.

My first to do SEO is to do the Enterprise station optimization, now do the most is also the Enterprise station optimization, do more, for the Enterprise station optimization also have some experience, in these experience I found a very important: The Enterprise station optimization not only focus on your technology how good, but also you put your own position is right, Do you optimize from the customer's perspective, or do you just muddle through with your own discussion?

For some of the traditional enterprises and companies, SEO is a very new thing, as more and more newcomers into the big environment of SEO, this environment has become more impetuous, some network companies in order to more interests, has no longer so consider for customers how much benefit, Some network companies in the introduction of SEO will be as much as possible to exaggerate the function of SEO, also some companies in the development of the business as much as possible for their own optimization work to lighten the price of the service, so that the bosses feel SEO is a very magical thing, with him seems to be able to help the company expand a lot of business, Less of it seems to fall behind people. So many entrepreneurs and corporate bosses will be the SEO effect of a look forward to the attitude, but will also hold a skeptical attitude to slowly contact it. So, a lot of companies are so SEO fooled!

Be fooled by more companies, many bosses will avoid SEO, do not believe that SEO, in fact, this is wrong, is bad network company error, but also the company boss error. Because of these network companies and SEO environment of the blundering caused by the wrong idea, the impact of our company boss for SEO understanding, SEO as the basis of network marketing, our company want to expand their business on the network more, very need it to lay a good foundation. But to use it, in the short term to cultivate their own SEO team is not realistic, here you need to learn to refuse to be SEO fooled!

How to refuse to be SEO cheat? The front also introduced, the Boss for SEO is actually Sanbuzhi, even know a little bit of fur, will also think that SEO is a sophisticated technology, so to really do to refuse to be SEO is very difficult one thing. But what you don't have to worry about is that I've summed up a few points here that may help you avoid being fooled as much as possible.

1, first investigate, then decide!

Some successful bosses, or say some think through SEO to develop their own career boss are very powerful people, in deciding whether to use this technology to develop their careers will certainly first grope for a period of time, even if they do not grope, there will be subordinates, or some friends to help check. The most important thing for us at this time is to investigate whether the same industry competitors have the use of SEO? What's the effect of using SEO? What kind of effect should we use SEO to achieve? And then make a decision!

In fact, it is a matter of knowing your goals, we only have our own goal clear, will be more sober to realize that they want to achieve the effect, rather than listen to some network companies "false Intelligence", was hoodwinked sometimes because their goals are not clear, will not firm.

2, to meet at least one SEO master!

Any industry has some so-called masters, and a lot of time some SEO experts are small well-known, any celebrity is love name, so sometimes we find these people to consult their own some of the problems of development, they are very happy to help us. The advice to corporate bosses here is that to get to know at least one SEO master, this master does not need to understand a lot of deep technology, only need for the big direction can be very good grasp on the line, and many of these experts do well, and then make a decision when you can also find them to do a reference. If you can, you can also find an SEO master slowly to form their own SEO team, to help their masters to cultivate a group of talents, or to find some experts as SEO consultants, encountered problems to help them analyze the guidance.

3, compare, business everywhere!

Compare, since ancient times. Bosses are business professionals, are masters of business, it is impossible to make a small SEO. We all know, want to do business customers are definitely the most selected customers, we choose to choose a higher cost-efficient SEO services, so as to ensure that our investment and return in line with. A good SEO company than a poor SEO company can bring benefits may be many times different, responsible for SEO will definitely help you achieve maximum effect. Although I SEO technology is not so good, but I win in charge, so my customers are mostly some old customers, new customers come after most of them can also be discussed.

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