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Database administrator (db Administrator, DBA), is a person responsible for managing and maintaining the database server. The database administrator is responsible for the full management and control of the database system.

Specific tasks:

  • Install and upgrade database servers (such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server), and application tools.
  • The database designs system storage scenarios and develops future storage requirements plans.
  • Once a developer has designed an application, the DBA is required to create the database storage structure (tablespaces).
  • Once a developer has designed an application, the DBA is required to create the database object (tables,views,indexes).
  • Modify the structure of the database, if necessary, based on feedback from the developer.
  • The user who enlists the database, maintains the security of the database.
  • Ensure that the database is used in compliance with intellectual property laws.
  • Control and monitor user access to the database.
  • Monitor and optimize the performance of your database.
  • Develop a database backup plan to recover database information when a disaster occurs.
  • Maintain archiving or backup data on the appropriate media.
  • Back up and restore the database.
  • Contact the manufacturer of the database system to track technical information.

Database administrator

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