Development program of billion business source system

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Consumer experience-centric data-driven pan-retail form "from a consumer perspective, an important scenario for its experience is online." After all, for the human touch, smell, taste and emotion, such as high-level stereoscopic experience, the current online interaction is nothing more than visual and auditory two feelings. The advent of the new retail "era, so that the combination of online and online, will bring consumers a new shopping experience." , this is mainly due to the new retail meow the enterprise development pain point and the end of the consumer pain point, in the collective environment of heavy experience, scene consumption is more conducive to the explosion of enterprises. Especially for the slow development of traditional enterprises, it is a rare development opportunity and tuyere.

What is the source of billion business

Create data era, gather a lot of gifts, truly pure green pollution-free everyone to share the business-to-business platform for everyone to participate!

To create a combination of civil and commercial, members of each festival have gifts, authentic low-priced mall, the early hit a huge amount of lock powder, to see whether billion Shangyuan can become a black horse in the 2018.

Billion business Source Model system:

Companies to obtain 700 million of the attention volume application listing, to create a new platform to subvert the traditional consumption patterns, investment 900 million exchange for attention, as follows

1, Direct push a 58 yuan, unlimited generation see point reward 6 Yuan, the team into 10,000 people is 60,000, 100,000 people is 600,000, no requirements, which reminds me of that year's loan treasure!

2, to promote access to a variety of keys, keys can be exchanged for real (refrigerators, air conditioners, rice cookers, smart TVs ...)

Share 1 people gift copper key

Share 16 people gift silver key

Share the Golden key for 35 people

Share 66 people gift keys

3, the bonus can withdraw at any time, unlimited amount,

Register a platform for 58 bucks, push 6 bucks, take unlimited generation rewards.

The digital store not only satisfies the change of consumption upgrade and consumption habit, but also can improve the efficiency of the new retail stores to the brand dealers and dealers, and let the operation "according to the basis". "Through the new retail tools, we can help store analysis, where the potential customer base, how to reach them, the internet has bred e-commerce, the birth of online marketing, has brought great changes in marketing concepts and means." The development of productive forces will inevitably lead to the adaptation of new relations of production. The emergence and development of marketing and the development of productive forces and relations of production are distributed, the replacement of products, differences and homogeneity of the competition makes the traditional marketing in the environment to bring new competition in the field.

Development program of billion business source system

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