DNS Subdomain authorization and Views view in Linux

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Have you ever seen a 4-paragraph domain? Most people open the site only to see 3 segments of the domain name, such as Www.baidu.com, but the multi-domain name is the real existence of

When we use the dig command to parse the NS records of the www.baidu.com, there will be four domain names.

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This domain name, in fact, Baidu is a large number of DNS domain in a subdomain of a host, and now, we come to discuss a sudden field

When your company has many departments, sales department, Production department, finance department, so many departments to the company's only DNS server resolution, then your DNS server will be busy, so you can assign each department a subdomain server, The DNS requests of the respective departments are sent to the subdomain DNS of the respective department to resolve, reduce the primary DNS server pressure, and optimize the logical management structure. Below, we'll show you how to implement DNS subdomain authorization

Lab Environment:

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Parent domain DNS Server/etc/named.conf configuration file:

When doing subdomain authorization Notice dnssec-valadition and dnssec-enable must be disabled, note is disabled is not commented out----Because the comment off the default or open, otherwise the parent domain and the subdomain will not be able to parse each other situation

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Parent domain Magedu.zone File:

The last two lines define where the subdomain DNS server is, where our ns2 are actually nonexistent, and the experimental words don't matter.

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Subdomain DNS Server/etc/named.conf configuration file:

Defines the zone of the ops.magedu.com

The following magedu.zone is defined when a host within a subdomain is queried for a host under the parent domain (magedu.com) without having to look for the root, but instead directly looking for the parent domain server, specifying the parent domain as the forwarder, the concept of the forwarder we have in the <<linux DNS principle in Detail > Described in >

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Subdomain Ops.magedu.zone File:

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Querying subdomains through subdomains:

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Querying the host in the parent domain through the subdomain: (found not to find root, but directly to the parent domain DNS server, this is the benefits of specifying forwarders, save a lot of traffic)

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Querying hosts within a subdomain through the parent domain:

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DNS Subdomain authorization and Views view in Linux

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