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From the fundamental point of view, put aside the user experience does not talk about, based on search engine rankings for the purpose of Web site optimization is to find ways to make search engines more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the target site, thus discovering the site itself to explore the quality of content and potential value. As a focus on web site building production or site optimization, we have in-depth understanding of search engine work and weight assignment algorithm based on a targeted search engine to show the best side, and to obtain the recognition of the search. Since utmost attention, content and links have undoubtedly become the top priority for pleasing search engines, but they seem to be not enough for successful web site optimization. Because we often see a number of Web site content is very rich, and the snapshot and the amount of performance is very good, but the rankings are not very ideal.

So, perhaps a site from the perspective of user experience, content rich theme bright and high quality, is an excellent website. But not necessarily can get the search engine's approval, because the search engine is after all through comparison mechanical procedure judgment, even sometimes may appear many wrong judgment. This time we will be very proactive to the search engine to pass some information to help the search engine to conduct a comprehensive understanding of the site. Cognitive depth, the search engine more understanding of the target site, its own quality can be more objectively reflected in the search engine.

 The core keywords and extension words of the cognitive website

Perhaps a lot of people do not understand the real meaning of the keyword, the keyword is throughout the content of an article is always a clue, or to the site around the core theme. In elementary school we learned the central idea, and the key word is a more concise refinement of the central idea. In general, website construction and site optimization, always first determine the site's core keywords, and then extend the word, determine the method of the author in the "Keyword selection based on site optimization Analysis" has been carefully discussed, the core of which is the core keywords and extension of the word concentric multiple circles. After the keyword is determined, it is necessary to always surround the core words and the main extension of the content of the site is constantly enriched, is as far as possible to ensure that every article on the target site to extract the central idea, and the core keywords or extension words coincide.

Many think that the wrong thought, as long as the key words to enhance the density, you will be able to improve the weight of the site, we often see the site that the phenomenon of piling keywords. In fact, this is very irrational, but also very dangerous practice, it is easy to be misjudged by the search engine for malicious cheating. So how to pass the keyword information to the search engine in the appropriate way? To enhance the keyword density is a kind of, but to do natural reality, the statement fluent and logical law, just right in the middle of the article added keywords. Through special tags, such as title/keywords/description writing, as well as < H >< B >< strong > label reasonable use. There is also a more effective way, is a lot of people ignore, that is, the site published in the middle of the article, the relevant key words with < strong > label, and link to the target page (the core keywords best link to the main domain name URL, also can be the home page).

 Ii. cognitive site audiences and geographical location

A hot word, such as "website construction", "website production" Such a highly popular words, the country does not know how many web site construction companies in the attention and take action to optimize, it is difficult to imagine. But often focus on research search engines, Baidu Search may have found that the same keywords in different regions, such as "site building" to retrieve the results, especially the previous several results are not the same. The first few retrieved in Shanghai area must be Shanghai's website construction Company, while in Hefei, some of the first several local network companies are certain to be retrieved. The purpose of the search engine is to improve the user experience in order to quickly find the information they need, because after all, the Shanghai area users certainly prefer to find the website construction Company is Shanghai Local.


After observing this phenomenon, if we find a way to make the search engine aware of the site's browsing area, or the main target group, we are not a more competitive opportunity? The effect of optimization is certainly more obvious. How does a search engine know where we come from, or how do we know where our potential search clients are? It needs to be guided by the content of its website, for example, through the writing of title tags, as well as the definition of core extension words, and the key words "website construction" The goal is to tell the search engine site theme, and "Shanghai website Construction" is very straightforward to tell this site mainly serves the Shanghai customer. Baidu itself has Baidu Index, which has a very special feature, is to count the geographical search of a keyword, naturally within a specific area, the search engine will be the main site of the local push to the front.

  Third, cognitive website subject name and site identification

Meticulous webmaster must have found, now Baidu for some more influential and well-known sites, update the snapshot of the site together with the updated title of the ICO logo. This is definitely a big step for the search engine, and it will instantly make the site that is identified as an ICO image stand out, and the images will be more memorable. Now Baidu is only some of the more well-known sites, added the ICO logo icon, but it can be foreseen that this is definitely a direction trend. The other side of the reality is that many of the corporate web site when the construction did not take into account this piece, even if the company is specialized in website construction, many also did not pay attention to this small icon. So see here, is not immediately stop to modify the program of their own website, add an ico icon? Perhaps in the near future, Baidu further update algorithm, is such a small picture, you can let more users find you and remember you, so as to win more opportunities for competition.


In fact, the search engine progress more than this, pay attention to the way NetEase search friends, will find a way to search in the content described below the URL, will be some of the site to do the Chinese logo, generally this logo is mostly the name of the company abbreviation or abbreviation. In fact, this is also a bright spot, especially when others do not exist without you, you can let users remember your site, at least can inspire click on the link to open the site to see the details of the desire. Once the site is opened, there will be more opportunities for competition and the hope of success. Believe this special detail, also will be other search engine slowly draw lessons from, so not only to let search engine know your website theme core, also want its knowledge of the target website hosting subject and name.


 Cognitive website quality and potential growth value

Why some sites, has been able to be very stable in the search engine's first few locations, because it has been highly recognized by the search engine, and the ultimate recognition from a long process of cognition. Only the search engine that has the quality of the site, or has the potential to have potential value of the site, will be slowly promoted ranking and ultimately stable in the first few positions on the home page. How to make the search engine feel the quality and potential value of the site? The core is still in the content, is the unique quality of the original content, "The content of the king, link for the Emperor" eight words in the quality of the site is still playing an irreplaceable role.

The first is to adhere to the regular updating of the site, the most ideal state is to adhere to the site every day to update the quality of the original, to attract search spiders frequent crawling site, and each time you can find fresh high-quality information. To know that the site is included in every article, and after the collection is concerned about the search is reproduced, or even false original, will give the starting site to pass a certain weight. If the site continues to use high-quality content updates, will naturally cause the search engine's attention and trust. The author has issued a "website optimization: No skill is the best technique", so long as the search engine to provide quality content, nature can let it perceive the quality of the site and the value of potential growth, false to the time the site rankings to the home page to the ideal position, slowly will tend to stability.

If the website construction production and website optimization has certain skills, then through some methods to get the search engine better cognition, is the best technique. Professional website Construction company Pilotage Technology ( is a reminder that skill is not equal to cheating, but to tell the quality and content of the search engine target site through a specific method. Like the author in the "Web site optimization real object should be the site rather than search engine" statement of the point of view, site construction and site optimization is not the focus of technology is not the search engine, and in the site content itself, only the quality of content can be trusted search engines can win the site optimization.

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