Do startups need a product manager?

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Everyone is a product manager, not everyone can be a product manager.

Recently chatting with the founders of several startups, just beginning to transform the Internet, hoping to recruit some of the relevant talent, but it has been unclear need to recruit pm (product manager) this position. I'd like to introduce my own knowledge today.

For the start-up company, the company's product line estimates only one, and product direction is sure by the founder grasp, market, strategy and other directions he was a person package. The development has the Daniel, the design has the interaction, because the team is small, the communication is not the question. What the product Manager is capable of. Or a start-up company does not need a product manager in the early stages.

First, let's look at what positioning is for the product manager:

Production Manager (Product Manager, abbreviated as PM)
Refers to the company, for a certain item or a certain type of product planning and management, mainly responsible for product demand analysis, research and development, manufacturing, marketing, channels and other work . In general, the product manager is responsible for ensuring that the quality of the product is completed on time and released by the dedicated management staff (some companies have a dedicated project manager to complete). His tasks include listening to user needs, being responsible for defining, planning and designing product functions, making complex decisions, ensuring that development teams work smoothly and tracking errors, and, in short, the product manager is solely responsible for the final completion of the product.

So to see a good product manager is the equivalent of half the company's CEO, to recruit a good product manager really can help the company to start quickly.

So, since it is so important, which channel should we recruit to this kind of talent?

pm of large companies:
People with large corporate backgrounds tend to be popular because of their meticulous training and the evening product development process. However, the basic division of the product line of large companies is particularly fine, front-end clients have a product manager at each end.
Most of their time is dealt with, UI interaction, research and development communication, and user feedback processing.

pm for small Companies:
Product managers in small companies tend to be all-rounder, and the PM of companies that have been in the past has written code with us when we develop emergency releases. However, it is quite right that the PM in small companies usually has little control over the details and logic.

No matter big company small company, we also need according to individual ability, dialectical see pm question. But in any case, a good product manager has to have a CEO's heart .

I can only say, do not be blinded by internet thinking, for the internet and the Internet .

A start-up company needs a product manager, not a job: a start-up company without a good product manager has no backbone; If the boss is a good product manager, hiring a good product manager will do it; if the entrepreneur is not a product manager, then position yourself as "investor". ; a start-up company, anyone is a product manager;

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