Does Windows FTP doscommand support PASV mode?

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Problem: If you use bat to batch download server data, you can connect to the Server FTP but the download fails. After the Client Firewall is disabled, OK. It should be blocked by the firewall. First, try to connect to FTP in passive mode, therefore, the following information is provided, but the firewall configuration is still a problem.

Final Solution: the prompt function of opening the fire wall, found that ftp.exe is not allowed, open this program and download it normally.

Tried passive

Literal PASV


It doesn't seem to work.

There are related solutions that may be feasible:

Other tests that are acceptable are not feasible.

Http:// Qid = 20090115031718 aamjlho

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Me Another» how to change MS dos FTP to passive mode? I can connect to my server using the command prompt, but I keep getting a socket error. How to I change it to Passive FTP. I 'd like the MS dos code if possible please.


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Additional detailsthankyou Joe. Attaboy, whilst your solution did not work, it did help me look it up (you have to type quote pasv Apparantly) because I am running XP.

Didn't solve my larger problem though

4 years ago

? Best Answer-Chosen by votersafter you connect to the FTP server, at the FTP prompt, enter:


You shoshould get a response verification from the other end.

Well, it's been a while since I did an FTP in Windows or dos.
You might want to try an FTP client, some kind of FTP software. i'm a Linux User myself, and I use gftp, but I doubt that's available for Windows. there shoshould be some FTP Windows client available.

  • 4 years ago

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{"Subject": "re: How do I use PASV mode in Window DoS FTP? "," Content ":" Sender:
Chh5945 (crazy), email: Networking
Question: Re: How can I use PASV mode in Window DoS FTP?
Mailing site: BBS, shuimu, Tsinghua station (Sun Feb 27 11:24:25 2000)

I have tried this long ago. It seems I cannot.
However, PASV using LeapFTP and CuteFTP can be used, but it has never been understood.
See the following:

C: \> FTP
Connected to
220-serv-u FTP-server v2.3b for Winsock ready...
220-welcome to this FTP Server
220-Welcome to upload some small software in incoming directory
220-This FTP is only available for free access to CERNET
220-all software is only used for teaching and scientific research and cannot be used for profit purposes
220-you are not welcome to upload too large software due to hard disk space limitations.
220-do not upload content in violation of national laws and regulations
220 if the user finds any illegal content on the FTP, please send a letter to the user in time
User ( :( none): Anonymous
331 user name OK, please send complete e-mail address as Password
230 USER anonymous logged in
Ftp> literal PASV
227 entering Passive Mode
(202,114, 14,38, 10,104)
Ftp> literal list-Al
Connection closed by remote host.

After entering PASV mode, ls, get, list, and so on won't work.

[Mentioned in the masterpiece of November (Qiu jiangfengyu @. @ the final ostrich :]
: Sauce purple:
: After ftp xxx. XXX,
: Enter the username (such as anonymous) and password
: Enter literal in ftp> mode, and then ask you command line to send
: Enter PASV. Of course, your FTP server must support it.
: Then you can use the get and mget commands to retrieve files.
: In Windows 98, this is the case. Use the passive command in Linux.


It does not work either. It seems only applicable to Linux

Get this when uploading or dowloading files: Code: 425 use port or PASV first. Can anyone help me ?...
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    Vsftpd server: 425 use port or PASV first.

    I get this when uploading or dowloading files:

    425 Use PORT or PASV first.

    Can anyone help me?

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    PASV vs Port

    The FTP server wants to know whether to use a port-mode channel or passive-mode data channel. most clients will set this up for you transparently (and generally choose passive 'cos it's newer and better ). to send a command to the server you use the 'quote'
    Command. Hence if you type:


    Then it shoshould all work nicely. as an aside, if you type 'remotehelp' then it shoshould show you all the commands that the server can receive-all these can be used with the 'quote' command.

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