Eight priceless WordPress plugins

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This article is another one of my translation works, mainly introduces a few excellent WordPress plug-ins. If reproduced please pay attention to retain the original and the address of the translation.

Eight priceless WordPress plugins

Author: Jon translation: William Long

WordPress is a very popular free website content management software, but at the same time, if you want to provide a good platform for your site, then you need to add some customization features in the default WordPress. The easiest way to do this is to plug in. Just put some special files in the WordPress installation directory, you can get new features. Here is a description of the 8 absolute value of the WordPress plugin.

  WP Shortstat

Jeff Minard developed the Wp-shortstat, is a simple website statistics software "Shortstat" transplanted to WordPress. If you are an OS X user, you can also download the Wp-shortstat widget desktop version.

  Get Custom

Often a new user in WordPress asks me, "How do I insert an attachment into an article?" ", the default WordPress does not provide such functionality, but it provides a method." In WordPress You can use "Custom Fields" to paste custom data, Scott Reilly's "Get Custom" plug-in can easily do this.

  WP Cache Inspect

Wordpress 2 has a good cache system built into it, but there are some small problems with it that sometimes cache information that you don't need to cache. For example, when you redesign your site's columns, no matter how many times you refresh the page, you will find no change. Peter Westwood's WP cache inspect allows you to manually clear the cache whenever you need it.


John Gruber developed a markdown plugin that prevents you from writing some HTML code into your article and saves time, for example, by using asterisks, parentheses instead of using HTML tags, you can easily create hyperlinks, bold words, leaks, and so on, Markdown was first written in Perl and later converted to WordPress plugins by Michel Fortin.

  WP Pagenavi

The default installation of WordPress in the operation of a large number of articles, using the "previous" and "Next" for page navigation, Lester Chan development of WP Pagenavi can let you add page numbers to link multiple pages in the article, which will make it easier to browse multiple article pages.


Now it's time to say no to the spam message. When your blog has a lot of traffic, you may receive hundreds of spam messages every day. Using Akismet means that you will never see this information, Akismet will be enabled by default in all WordPress systems. (Akismet will record spam messages to the central server database, and capture spam, you enable Akismet not only help yourself, but also help others)

  WP Related Entries

Alexander Malov WP Related Entries plug-in is an automatic display related articles of Plug-ins, it's loaded and run is completely automatic, through the comparison of the content of the article automatically generated links to related documents, which means that it may be a little bit of error. Of course, 95% of the time it will show readers interested in the relevant content, and encourage readers to browse your more articles.

  WP Contact Form

Ryan Duff's WP contact Form plugin is a useful plugin that provides you with your visitors. You don't have to email to attract spam, and you don't have to waste time developing code, you just need to spend your time in the column you're interested in.

The above mentioned plug-ins, I hope for you to be useful, if you have some "priceless" WordPress plug-ins, then I would like you to leave a message to tell me.

Jon's original address: 8 invaluable Wordpress Plugins

William Long translation address: eight priceless WordPress plugins

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