ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced edition provides Windows 7 and Windows XP system download (bylsyz0021)

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ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced edition provides Windows 7 and Windows XP system download (bylsyz0021)
I changed it. Due to some link problems, all software downloads are now okay.
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ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced edition: provides three windows 7 x86 & x64 and Windows XP packages. This tutorial is not prepared for people with no foundation. I recommend several basic tutorials to start from scratch.

1. Use VMware Player to create a virtual machine suitable for encapsulation

2. Use Easy Sysprep v4 to encapsulate Windows XP Basics

3. Use Easy Sysprep v4 to encapsulate Windows 7

I will provide all the tools used in it.

VM ware10, system patch by October 2014, system Runtime Library, encapsulated driver, and image creation toolEasyImageX_v1.31

Window7 32-bit window7 64-bit window xp 32-bit

My encapsulated system:

I. Major updates

1. System patches and all Office2007 3in1 patches are updated to 2014-10 (via Microsoft vulnerability scan and guard vulnerability scan)

2. Added support for several drivers to support the latest H67 H77 Z77 and other mainboards.

3. Integrated with Baidu music 9.1, storm video 5.5, Fuxin PDF Reader 5.1, pressure 5.0, sogou smart edition 2.0, and QQ6.4

4. system installation can be completed without supervision. More installation tasks can be easily handled

5. Integrate the latest version of IT sky driver

6. The integrated software meets the requirements and preferences of the vast majority of computer companies and computer cities. It is applicable to both the public and fashion.

Ii. Main features of the system

1. easy and fast installation and maintenance-fully automated unattended installation, using the hichina ghost technology, the system installation process takes about 10 minutes, suitable for new and old models. -Integrated with common hardware drivers, smart identification + pre-extract technology, most of the hardware can quickly and automatically install the corresponding drivers. -Enable and resume installation of the IDE and SATA optical drive, WINDOWS and PE. -You can use the WinPE micro operating system, common partition tools, and DoS tools to perform backup and maintenance. -The SATA/RAID/SCSI driver is integrated and supports P45, MCP78, 780G, and 690G to enable sata ahci/RAID. 2. Stable Operation and good compatibility-use WIN7 flagship SP1 Simplified Chinese version or Windows XP as the source installation disk and integrate the latest security patch through genuine verification. -Automatically install AMD/Intel dual-core CPU drivers and optimization programs to maximize the performance of the new platform. -Supports Bank online banking. If you enter the password, the browser will not respond. 3. Pre-optimization and update-integrate the latest DX version, MSJAVA virtual machine, common VB/VC Runtime Library, MSXML4SP2, microsoft update control, and WGA authentication. -UXTHEME has been cracked to support unofficial topics. -The system only needs to be appropriately streamlined and optimized, and the performance and compatibility of the original version are fully retained Based on the pursuit of speed. -Integrates the most commonly used tools for office, entertainment, maintenance, and beautification. common software is available on one site. 4. Smart and automatic technology-smart detection notebook: if it is a notebook, the keypad is automatically disabled and the wireless and VPN services are enabled. -Automatic antivirus: The autorun virus in each partition is automatically deleted during the installation process. -Smart resolution settings: You can select several common resolutions during the installation process. The first time you enter the desktop resolution settings. -Automatically clear the boot item: the video card boot item. The sound card boot item runs only once and can be cleared after the second restart.

Iii. Disclaimer

The copyright of this Windows system and software is owned by the respective property owners and can only be used for personal research and exchange, and shall not be used for commercial purposes, and the system maker shall not undertake any technical and copyright questions

Please delete the question within 24 hours after the trial. If you are satisfied, please purchase a genuine version!

Window7 32-bit (click to download)


Window7 64-bit (click to download)


Window xp 32-bit (click to download)


First, let's talk about the significance of encapsulation. In fact, it doesn't make sense for people who generally use computers. But if you master this technology, it will actually help you a lot, it will give you unexpected convenience. For example, when I used to learn embedded systems, it took a lot of time to install the development environment, which was quite troublesome. If I had used to encapsulate the system, I had to install all the software and then package it on any computer, and I didn't need to configure it. It would be very convenient to install the system for more than 10 minutes.

The well-known Ghost Systems in China include "Deep technology", "Yulin Mufeng", "Computer City", and "Radish home. I can say that the encapsulated system has reached their level. Whether it is the size of the installation package or the installation time is almost the same.

Encapsulation Tutorial: First read the recommended tutorial above.

Download the virtual machine, install the original system, enter the Administrator System, patch the system, optimize and streamline the system, install common software and runtime libraries, and start encapsulation. This is the basic step. Note that

Encapsulation of window 7 ---- driver installation should be "in system deployment", activation should be "after system deployment", "first entry to desktop", and the original driver package and decompressed driver package should be deleted, note.

When Windows xp is encapsulated, You need to delete the original driver package and the decompressed driver package to "Enter the desktop for the first time.

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