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SEO has always been the network marketing "the Universe Move Dafa" laudatory name, SEO has to the network marketing to the dead wood flowering, to the magic of the great impetus to promote the role of decay. In fact, to carry out network marketing, but also really do not leave SEO, in the network marketing activities, SEO shadow, everywhere. Can say SEO, IS and network marketing shadow. It is no exaggeration to say: If you can be familiar with the SEO, proficient, then other marketing learning will be Itong.

Marketing Soft article also has the advertisement "the Universe to remove the Dafa" the laudatory name, here This soft article does not refer to is the soft article writing, its essence refers to more is: the soft advertisement propaganda and the soft advertisement effective guidance. Because the person who is good at soft writing will certainly be in the network marketing promotion very attention will be soft advertising timely and reasonable implantation. In fact, to carry out the essence of SEO activities is to promote advertising, but if there is no soft writing, soft text propaganda ideas to support the friends, the promotion of this advertising is likely to appear very blunt, rigid, very not user-friendly, so that potential consumers think is a purely for publicity and issued advertising, No sense of identity and trust. So along with the evil result is: Website promotion is difficult, difficult, want to promote and sales of product sales to the end of the channel blocked.

In fact, if we are in the Web site when the soft ads ignored, then, along with the dilemma is: keyword rankings, brand marketing strategy, brand awareness of the path will also be blocked. For example: Your website introduction text does not give the force, the site introduced a few very ordinary, not enough to attract attention, so that, those who rank originally in your site, only need product introduction, website description of the writing to force, literary talent attractive, and potential consumer groups to achieve psychic resonance, Also focused on the target consumer groups, but also has a soft marketing purposes. People will choose to click on the site below you, so, according to Baidu's click Principle, your site is likely to be ranked behind others. This is the soft advertising of soft marketing for the impact of SEO.

In today's times under the circumstances, SEO more and more complex, SEO is facing the test is no longer the traditional sense of "single topic", but a combination of factors interwoven "multiple-choice". Moreover, more is the network marketing ability, comprehensive quality of comprehensive, overall inspection. This is also said: We need to master a variety of effective ways and means to promote their own sites to potential consumers, the public widely publicized. This is beneficial to the SEO, such as a very well-known online, the promotion of a very successful brand, the same, moving to the line to carry out publicity is very easy to activate.

First of all, when your target visitor actively searches for your brand words, the chances of the target visitor switching to our actual customers will be great, and the rate of conversion is often higher.

Second, we know that search engines have a concept of a brand thesaurus to enhance the user experience. The thesaurus collects the brand words that searchers pay attention to, such as good doctors, beautiful words, and so on. When your brand words are included in the site after the SEO is undoubtedly a great help, because the search engine more trust you. When the search for your site brand terms more people, but also imply that your site by the user's attention, is very worthy of the search engine site for respect. And when you have a search engine to give you this aura, your site will be more stable, site revision will bring a smaller impact.

If you want to guide your target visitors through Baidu to search for their own brand entry, used to promote the promotional role of SEO, many people will put their own brand words in question or answer questions or answers, but if this is your "OEM" brand name but with you answer this question Bishi, is blunt, rigid, The imposition of splicing form appears, then is undoubtedly a failure of propaganda, the result is: Users think that being cheated, jump out of the rate, or the question and answer is complained, ID was sealed and so on. After the visitors have gone over it, they will soon forget it.

In fact, SEO correct approach, this should be you in the title appears very shocking effect of words, in this way, in order to let customers have to click, look at the curiosity, and then, you need in the specific description, focus on the introduction of the brand, literary talent to be concise and strong, so that customers want to rush to understand the brand desire. Thus, by searching your brand name, and follow the bamboo pole you handed over to your site for detailed understanding. The correct answer to the operation, should be in earnest to answer customer questions when the natural introduction of our advertising information, such as: if you want to further understand the relevant knowledge, please Baidu search brand name, you will find more relevant introduction. With such meticulous guidance, it's hard to get more people to focus on your website and brand. Familiar with SEO marketing road More unimpeded, this is to carry out network marketing activities bumpy not broken truth. This article originates from the http://himusic.5d6d.net/breast enhancement product Hot List 10 strong, reprint please reserve the source.

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