Fast Printing artificial Intelligence business card, 7 new ways of selling

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Fast Printing artificial Intelligence business card, 7 new ways of selling

Since its release, the attention and praise of all parties have been recognized by many enterprise managers and sales staff. Fast printing customers with pioneering business model, the new trend of play, rich functional cut-in and impressive performance to improve performance, all let it become the most popular business star in the 2018, a "business card" to help enterprises enter the new sales ERA!

As a new sales system, just a few months time, fast printing of artificial intelligence business card quickly became tens of thousands of enterprises, tens of thousands of sales members of the favorite. Fast Printing artificial Intelligence business card with what can have such a performance? What's the point of a quick print?

It all starts with its business logic.

In the traditional marketing activities, the salesman to the customer to deliver their business cards, is the first step of commerce, social, extension of customers, but the paper Business card portability, a day can be issued to the business card is also very limited, and after the end can only be resigned, the customer received a business card or discarded, or put on the drawer corner, high loss rate, Even if the customer has the demand, it is not necessarily found.

The fast-printing artificial intelligence business card changed the traditional logic and sales behavior of the business card.

The only function of traditional paper business cards is the information display of individuals and enterprises, and the fast-printing artificial Intelligence business card is a sales system based on the entry of business card, it uses small procedures for the technology application, not only the use of the walk, lightweight experience, but also up to 50 + extension of the entrance, which gives the business more drainage and profit potential , and the function of the business card is more abundant, at the same time set Intelligent business Card, official website, mall, CRM and network fission function in one, enterprise only need a card can replace paper business card, Enterprise Mall, PC official website/Micro official website, get through all traffic island of enterprise, save a lot of expense.

In other words, the "business card" is just a part of the Quick print sales system, is the carrier and the flow of social communication for the salesman to the entrance, so you will not just pass a card, or the delivery of people, products, companies and communication methods, but also handed out a chance to obtain business opportunities, deal and expand opportunities.

Fast Printing artificial Intelligence business card for sales model remodeling is thorough, the specific principle is:

1, the salesman opened fast printing, he has a special business card system and business card two-dimensional code, he can promote and spread in the ecology, such as sending business cards to groups, friends, can also send business cards to the circle of friends, let the circle of friends click or sweep code into the business card, get sales leads.

2, visitors can see four modules-"business card", "Product", "dynamic", "official website", the salesperson can be in real-time to understand the visitors in the business card of each action, the two sides can not add friends to chat, and the system can also through the visitor behavior trajectory forecast rate, help the salesman judge the customer "pain point", Facilitate the sales staff to follow up, until the deal.

3, the express printing system will be true to retain all customer follow-up records, visitor data precipitation in the system database, never lost. Even if an old employee leaves, one-click handover of all customer data will minimize the risk. New employees do not need to accumulate from scratch, have predecessors of the foundation, more easily familiar with the business, rapid growth.

4, Fast printing of the mall function, all products of the enterprise can be free in the mall shelves, price, fast printing has been through the payment channel, support customers online order, no need to jump to the third party platform, the deal after the merchant can directly receive payment, has formed a product display, sales orders, the sale of closed-loop sales.

5, sharing the fission for the business to provide efficient extension of the possibility. Small Program Smart card, official website, mall and other pages can be one-click Forwarding. Unique distribution of the fission mechanism, friends to participate in the sharing of deals, can be found, beneficial to be able to fully mobilize everyone to share the initiative to help you tap the potential opportunities in your friends, sharing the traffic bonus.

6, the use of fast printing customers can also get through the line of enterprise online traffic. For example, for a community convenience store, customers click on the business card in the community group, you can obtain store address, product information, consulting staff The price of goods and stocking situation, you can also directly in the Small program Mall to purchase, by the shop assistant door-to-gate, customers can grab coupons online, offline to shop to enjoy discounts; and other kinds of online and offline linkage play, so that enterprises to explore more business opportunities.

7, Fast printing artificial intelligence business card built in a variety of marketing tools, such as red packet fission, game drainage, forwarding and so on, businessmen can according to their own actual experience and customer group situation, the use of these tools within the system, targeted marketing drainage activities, these tools can get customers love, willing to participate in, It can also provide more possibilities for the extension guests.

Fast Printing artificial Intelligence business card, 7 new ways of selling

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