[Figure] install Mac OS X 10.6 On the AMD CPU in virtualbox)

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[Figure] amd cpu installation of Mac OS X 10.6 in virtualbox

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I occasionally want to learn about the iPhone these days.ProgramDevelopment, unfortunately there is a mac on hand that open toolchain did not dare to use, so I want to use a virtual machine on Windows to install Mac OS X. I wanted to use VMWare, but it didn't support the hardware Virtualization of my AMD-V. so we only need to use virtual box. now virtual box 4.0.4 is capable of supporting Mac OS X.

First of all, I have referenced these articles.Article:
How to install Mac OS X snow leopard 10.6 in VMware
Install Mac OS X snow leopard on Windows 7 + virtualbox

You need to use
Mac OS X image, which is searched by Google. Here is a link to eMule.
Empireefi4amd. iso-> Mac OS X Boot Image (only supports AMD CPU) download here
You can download xcode after registering it on the Apple official website, or you can try Google xcode seeds.

First, we need to create a virtual machine. Because virtualbox already supports Mac OS x in the native mode, there are very few things that need to be done. Select Mac OS X.
(Click an image to view the large image, the same below)

Memory: 1024 MB (if your memory is large enough, the larger the number, the better .)

The next step is to create a virtual hard disk, instead of the default 20 GB. This is a poor lesson. Mac OS X is installed with 9 GB, and xcode requires 9 GB. This will definitely be a cup of cake. because the vbox hard disk image is dynamically scalable, it does not matter if it is bigger. I chose 80 GB here. Note that the image cannot be placed in the FAT32 partition, because the fat3 partition supports a maximum of 4 GB of files, this may cause inexplicable problems.

After the virtual machine is created, you must configure it again.ImportantTo remove the check box before enable EFI,Otherwise, the installation fails.This EFI is a program that directs Mac OS x, but it can only direct Mac OS x (Copyright Protection) in the vbox of Mac OS X ), so here we need to use the EFI boot cracked by others. Do you think of it? It's the emireefi4amd. ISO

Slow display and storage, enabling 3D and 2D Acceleration

Mount the empireefi4amd. ISO Image

In this way, you can run the script directly and come out of this interface (why is it Star Wars? Ghost _ ghost, if this interface is not displayed but a text interface shell>, it is very likely that you forgot to tick enable EFI. okay, choose devices-> CD/DVD devices to mount the DMG file of the Mac OS x installation image to the optical drive and press F5. The icon below is changed to Mac OS X installer, and press Enter, enter the boot page (some versions still need to press any key ).

Next, let's jump out a bunch of text pages. Okay, congratulations, you don't have to worry about it any more. If black screen or white Apple hasn't responded for a long time. then you won the prize just like me. at the beginning, we used the empireefi boot provided in the above two articles, either a white apple or a black screen. Later we realized that my CPU was AMD, and all the empireefi they gave was for intel.

After the black window jumps, the graphic interface of the apple is displayed. It should be familiar with the children's shoes installed with the black apple. In this case, we should first Delete the hard disk. Choose utilties-> disk utilty.

Then select the vbox hard disk and click erase.

After erase is ready, you can follow the general software installation steps, continue's continue, agree's agree, next's next. until this interface is displayed, select the check install, and you can start the installation.

Installing. Well, you can do your own thing. It takes a long time to wait.

When the progress bar is fully read, the install failed interface appears (this is normal! This indicates that the installation has been completed. At this time, choose devices> CD/DVD devices to re-mount the empireefi4amd. ISO image. We need this to guide Mac OS X and click restart.

Restart again at this time. Two options will appear during the boot. Select the apple icon on the right and press Enter. After jumping into a large text segment, wait for a while and enter the installed Mac OS X.

The next step is something to set. You can skip whatever Apple id you want. I cannot. remember your password when creating an account. We will use it later. go to the Mac OS X interface and update it to the latest version. Then you can install xcode.




I installed donghuang 3.2 Based on the content and software in this article. The installation is smooth. Back up the data. A bit of experience is that you should read the articles written by others and write them carefully. If you do not take it seriously, some twists and turns during installation are your own errors, I have a deep understanding that I did not remove the option mentioned in all parts, and then I looked back at the article. It cannot be too urgent.

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