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The crackling ground, a Q is tightly from the bed to climb up. After getting out of the bathroom and washing, he ran out of his motorbike and drove off to work when he was late for breakfast.

The first day of work, Ah Q Heart is full of expectations, and so on today can be said to wait until the flowers are thanks. Take the elevator on the nine floor, look at the time, but 8:30 a little more, ah Q long sigh. Not AH Q did not prepare for the first day of work, the night before he was very early to go to bed. The biological clock determines that he is lying ahead of time just to let the clock flow through the ear. He did not sleep well, the original is to dress up to work to give a good impression, and then backfired, unlucky when farting all hit the heel, ah Q actually wore two different socks. General companies are to nine points to start work, ah Q home from the company also only more than 10 minutes by car, eat a meal to tidy up the image time should say or ample. Perhaps because, when people to face a new and unfamiliar environment, the heart always avoid being nervous, fear, excitement, joy of one or more emotional control to make some abnormal behavior and performance.

A q to the company door still open, waiting for a while, a beauty from the elevator mouth out and toward Ah Q. A bit familiar, Ah Q recognize that it was the day before the interview to give him to the front of the water at the reception sister.

Ah Q first to take the initiative to greet: "Good morning." ”

"Hello, I'm mui." You are welcome on your first day of work today. "said the woman.

Thank This is my first job, today is the first day of work, but also please take care of you. "said Ah Q smiled with a nod."

"You come to work very early," said MUI while taking out the key to open the door, "before work hours to be able to avoid waiting at the door, etc., advanced to wait for other colleagues."

After the door two people a moment of greeting, ah Q is with the first colleague "ripe contact" under.

A Q entered the company and waited in the meeting room. Colleagues on and off into the company to work, this is a small company, called Hua Kang Electronics, the main business is information security, staff count on a Q also on a dozen people. Ah Q in the Conference room has been sitting for one hours, said is the conference room, in fact, is 3 glass side wall, sitting inside the work outside the situation to see clearly. Boss and technical director finally arrived, Ah Q was called to work with colleagues have a familiar. The front desk of Ah Mui, a design, financial Xiao Lan, counted on a Q and technical director of a total of 3 software engineers, there is a salesman, plus boss, ah Q "Pinch refers to a total of 8 people." In fact, ah Q is not very clear about how many people the company, in the morning 9 to work, at this time 10 has been past, the total should be to the bar. As for why the company is more than 10 people, ah Q is later with sister Mei Chat know, there are several other business personnel outside the business, the basic is rarely back to the company.

Ah Q did a self-introduction and after dealing with colleagues, the boss called him to the office to talk.

Boss first said some work to pay attention to the matter and rules of the system what, ah Q very seriously listen to (in fact, is too annoying!!!) )。 Then the boss and AH Q introduced the company's main business operations, as well as the company's IT staff of the main positions. Then the boss and AH Q Chat to the working hours and wages. Working time is Six days a week, early nine to six, early and late to be free. Salary interview when Ah Q has been settled, a basic salary of 1300 yuan plus 200 yuan of meal supplement, no social security five risks a gold. For a rookie without a diploma without work experience, and has failed the interview six or seven back, finally able to work and monthly can get 1500 of the salary of the ocean, ah Q is very satisfied. Ah Q is straight to Amitabha Buddha, to know that he has "in the worst case of wages do not pay to work first to earn experience to say," the idea. Boss went on to say: "Do the technology is need to constantly learn, in this work idle time reading self-study What is allowed, if you need to buy what technical books, with the financial said let her go to buy it." This is completely out of the imagination of Ah Q, work free time to allow self-study, but also provide books to study, it is simply too good, completely subvert the AH Q in the mind of the yard farm work is "a clear, dead and then own" impression. Then again, yard farm work will have how much free time?

Boss talk to talk about less than 20 minutes, then the supervisor also with AH Q chat will, let AH Q pm First install the system installed software.

Noon time, call meal is boss please of guest, Ah Q and just know colleagues around into sit a lap dinner chat. Ah Q is actually more introverted, suddenly a new understanding of a few people to him has difficulty, he nodded from time to response is not a lot, just concentrate on eating. This will he more want to go home, originally he let the home do lunch, but the first day boss treat always not good push, he called home at noon not back. But the shrimp in the big head today and wear a pair of different socks, ah Q heart Some vigilance and uneasy, afraid of being found this embarrassing thing. After eating rice Ah Q Excuse said go out to go home, tidy up to return to work.

As most people do on the first day of work, there is not much to do, ah Q is no exception. Ah Q has been installing the system and software all afternoon.

Ah Q first for their own computer installed a pure version of the 32-bit Win7. System installed, ah Q A look at the computer configuration, "My mother Ah, E3500, than our computer's CPU is still old." "Ah Q originally thought that the work of the computer should be a high-end configuration, he usually use the computer programming feel Kaka, think in the future to use than their own computer configuration also low-end computer work, this will ah Q not frowned." The system installs the drive installs well, a Q installs last QQ and 360, only then starts to install the SQL Server and the VS2010.

It takes a long time to install SQL Server and VS2010 and to download MSDN with H3viewer. A Q leaned against the chair and closed his eyes to repose. A Q recalled his first installation of the system, that is probably the year after he dropped out, is SQL Server or VS problem has not been remembered, anyway, the registry has not been fixed after the problem, the system crashed. A Q University did not buy a computer, the computer is dropped out after the purchase and installed broadband, so the computer hardware and software Ah Q are small white, the computer to buy the installation of what he is to pay not to help others to do a good job. Install a small operating system, ah Q with a mobile phone Baidu and Baidu, and then, after two days did not put the system to make a good, but the memory burned out. Recall here Ah Q mouth unexpectedly revealing a smile, is to laugh at his own stupid or laugh at the original ignorant ignorance, unknown. Anyway Ah Q was anxious to become a hot cat, fortunately, ah Q His spirit is never admit defeat. Ah Q is to let others help him to re-install the system, but he more clearly know that he will inevitably encounter the system and hardware and software problems, in order to long he must learn these knowledge and skills. So AH Q re-bought memory, more than a year to develop a Q the best learning habits, is not understand when "Baidu, you know." After the system installed, Ah Q also know what is the system pure version of what Ghost, also know what is the system partition what is called PE file, and even Windows upgrade from XP to Win7, system boot from boot. ini to bootmgr and BCDEdit.exe he also know.

Software one after another installation, Ah Q closed The repose is really a bit sleepy. After all, last night did not sleep well, ah Q stumbled, started and checked vs and SQL Server, everything normal OK, ah Q lying on the table asleep. Fortunately, a variety of software installed is almost 5 o'clock in the afternoon, Ah Q slept about an hour to wake up, to see exactly the same time, so shut down with colleagues said goodbye to work home.

The first job on the first day of work, ah Q feel like I just slept a sleep to do a dream on the end. Yes, ah Q is a dream, a two-year dream, and he just woke up. The first day of work, Ah Q did not do any work, but he is ready for the future work.

This day, Ah Q walked through the life of a new journey of the first paving stone.

First day of work

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