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Amazon Web Services is by far the world's largest and most experienced public cloud service. With its powerful data center strength, Google is excellent and efficientOfComputing tools, talented and outstanding engineers, are challenging Amazon cloud services.


However, this may lead to the following question: Which cloud service company can challenge the dominant position of Amazon Web Services?

For now, Google has the chance to become a potential competitor of Amazon. At least in terms of computing power, the strength of Google's compute engine should not be underestimated, although it did not launch a beta version until last year.

Scalr, a cloud management software company, is one of the supporters of Google's computing engine. However, even if you don't buy the impressive report card provided by Google, Google's computing engine has enough reason to convince you, it is enough to become the biggest competitor of Amazon Web Services.


Even some people who hate Google have to admit that the company really understands large-scale computing.Google has enough data center strength and excellent software tools to efficiently use these computing capabilities. The talents of engineers are also among the best in the industry, some employees even dig from Amazon Web services directly.. If you don't believe it, simply searching on LinkedIn will discover clues, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. One of these engineers is an engineer from the virtual private cloud and virtual private cloud of Amazon Web Services, he is named sunhil James and is currently in charge of the network interconnection service on the Google cloud platform.


Considering the scale and influence of Amazon Web services, most existing and potential commercial users may choose multiple cloud service providers. In the past, these users suffered the loss of "putting all the eggs in one basket. On the other hand, they are unable to pay too much for services. An executive from a vendor said, "There is a lot of room for you to choose now. Obviously, Google will become a strong competitor in the public cloud field ." The executive did not want to disclose his name because his company had direct business dealings with Amazon.

Currently, companies that support Google's computing engine include cloudscaling, which currently supports both Amazon and Google APIS; rightscale, as one of the pioneers in the cloud service management and monitoring field, the company became the first distributor of Google's computing engine in February this year.

Let's face the reality. Although Google is currently facing some credibility issues, the removal of Google Reader has surprised many people, but no one will believe that the company will abandon Google's computing engine project.

The manager mentioned above said, "Google is not a small fight. There is a large engineering team behind the project. If you have seen Google's data center records, total fiber optics, technical strength, internal R & D platforms and tools, you do not have to doubt their degree of seriousness ."


Dan Belcher, co-founder of the Boston startup stackdriver, said Amazon's Web services are under great pressure from competitors. The IT industry is waiting for the emergence of real challengers, such as Google, rackspace, and other companies. Time will explain everything.

"Obviously,Google's strategy is to differentiate performance from Amazon's. According to our tests, Google provides excellent services, at least so far ." However, he also pointed out that the management and control interface of Google's computing engine still needs to be further improved, which may take a year. In addition, compared with Amazon's cloud services, some of Google's services and functions are obviously insufficient.

In the future, Google will need to solve a key problem: whether the performance of a service can withstand the test after it passes the beta test stage and is publicly released to the outside world. It has been reported that tens of thousands of users have subscribed to Google's service and will be used immediately after Google's release. In this regard, Belcher seems to have doubts. He said, "although Google's service runs very fast during the use of the test version, but what happens when other users go online together? In the past, Amazon Web services faced problems such as insufficient hosts, unstable networks, and API compatibility. How can Google solve these difficult problems? At present, everything is unknown ."


At present, Microsoft's Windows azure cloud service is paying high tuition fees for insufficient preparation. This service is based on Windows and. NET applications.ProgramDevelopment architecture. Although Azure is doing well in integration with open-source technologies, it is far less satisfied with users who do not use. Net for development.

Some people always doubt,In addition to Internet search and advertising, does Google really invest enough energy and capital?. This idea is also justified because Google and Amazon are similar in that they are not particularly good at cooperating with other companies.


In addition, there is another problem: although Google applications have gained some users in the enterprise field (largely because of the low price of Microsoft Office software ), however, some people still doubt whether Google will actually integrate enterprise businesses.

In the long run, Google will continue to provide various services to the outside world. The most important reason is that it only pays more attention to the enterprise business and can transfer enterprises that used Amazon services in the past to Google's computing engine.


Note:Currently, companies in China that provide cloud services mainly include Baidu, Shanda, Sina, and Alibaba.



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