Blockchain 3.0 times: all your perceptions will be overturned now

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Blockchain has been a conceptual thing since the value of the blockchain was discovered, until the blockchain application actually landed. Although the major media press to stir up the blockchain, many countries in the world have also given the corresponding attention to the blockchain, but in addition to some professionals, few people know how important it is.

McKinsey recently submitted a blockchain technology report to the U.S. Federal Insurance Advisory Committee, which referred to 2009 as the "Dark Age" in 2016, in which all blockchain solutions were based on Bitcoin, while the new era of blockchain will start from 2016, with more than 100 blockchain technology solutions already explored.

This means that the blockchain has gone out of the conceptual phase, and then it will be in the Blockchain 3.0 era, truly integrated into our lives. So to get rid of the concept of the definition into the 3.0 era, really into our lives, and the development of a blowout of the blockchain, the impact on today's society and how much?

John Joseph Foley, chairman of the Australian Btl Company, said that once the Blockchain 3.0 era came, it would subvert all of our perceptions now, and we would enter a new era, a time of no confidence crisis.

Many people now know about the blockchain, still literally, referring to the blockchain, directly associating it with the financial sector. This is actually a misunderstanding of the blockchain, which can actually cover a number of areas. However, blockchain technology is relatively mature in the financial services industry, but in other areas, blockchain technology also plays a role.

Art industry

Ascribe allows artists to use blockchain technology to declare ownership, to issue numbered, limited-edition works that can be used in digital form for any type of artwork. It even includes a trading market where artists can trade through their websites without any intermediary services.

Legal industry

Bitproof is the most advanced of the many document timestamp applications that have emerged in recent years, and will let the traditional notarial method become the past. Bitproof offers more services, including one for intellectual property, than the free version, including Blocksgin and Originstaemp. Interestingly, Bitproof recently partnered with a San Francisco it school to put their student credentials on the blockchain, completely redefining how diplomas and student certificates are handled and used.

Development industry

Colu is the first company to allow other companies to issue digital assets, and they can make a lot of people impact by "minting" a variety of assets. Although the free Bitcoin wallet Counerparty also allows simple tokens to be issued and traded among other wallet holders, the Colu tokens can be set up in a variety of states and types, able to disengage or return to the system, It is also possible to store data on a BitTorrent network when the data on the blockchain is too large.

Real estate industry

They plan to make the entire industry chain process more modern, addressing the various issues faced by everyone involved in real estate, including naming processes, land registrations, agency intermediaries, etc.

Mr. Foley said that with the current development speed of blockchain technology, within 5 years, the development of blockchain will reach a peak, then we are expected to enter the blockchain 3.0 era. The application of blockchain technology will probably cover all aspects of our life and bring us unexpected convenience and unimaginable efficiency. By then, we will be in the era of science and technology, completely into the era of blockchain.

Focus on Bupt Online Blockchain EMBA International CEO Workshop, interested parties can learn


Blockchain technology is one of the most advanced technology in the information technology industry, and it is the most popular field after big data technology, China has included the blockchain technology as a strategic frontier technology in "Thirteen-Five" national informatization planning, clearly put forward "to strengthen the blockchain and other new technology basic research and development and cutting-edge layout, To build a new arena first-leading advantage. ”

Known as the "fourth Industrial Revolution" power of the blockchain because of its central, transparent, non-tamper characteristics, for our establishment of the era of trust to provide the possibility that all things connected, trust others, sharing life will be from the slogan to reality. Some experts believe that blockchain is the key technology to build the future network space, whether it is the internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, smart city, finance, trade, agriculture, intelligent equipment, medical, education, justice, copyright, and even home entertainment, physical fitness, etc., will rely on the development of blockchain technology; in this context, Bupt Online blockchain education and research center together with a number of outstanding enterprises and well-known media, decided to hold the "Bupt online blockchain EMBA Executive Workshop--1th phase of Blockchain technology application and practice" in Beijing on September 19, 2017-22nd, through omni-directional, multi-angle, deep-seated study and Hot topic analysis , accelerating the practical application and development of blockchain technology, and promoting the construction of a shared and mutually beneficial business development ecosystem.

Ii. Highlights of the course

(i) the authoritative teacher team: Invite the supervisory organization, the famous school, the important financial institution, the star analyst as well as the first-line blockchain technology company professor, the expert teacher troop;

(b) A comprehensive curriculum structure: divided into integrated modules, technology modules, application modules and expansion module four modules, from the Blockchain legal logic and policy supervision, blockchain industry analysis, blockchain technology, block chain, such as the case of the ground all-round discussion.

(iii) Certificate grant: After the completion of the training, students who meet the completion requirements of the training will be awarded the "China Blockchain Emba Executive Class" certificate and the industry and information-bupt online "Blockchain network architect" issued by Bupt online blockchain education and research Center and Bupt Online Financial Science and Technology Research Institute Course Training certificate, this certificate can be used as the basis of personal learning and updating knowledge, the data into the Department of Industry and Information technology Talent Exchange Center talent pool.

Third, the target and cost of admission

Student object:

1. Managers of financial institutions such as banks, insurance, securities, Capital Management and fund companies;

2. Internet enterprises such as communications, IoT, intelligent manufacturing, smart cities, energy companies, and technicians ready to enter the blockchain;

3. Concerned about investment institutions and ICO investors in the technical field;

4. Blockchain technical experts and related entrepreneurs.

Study Fee:

Fee: 12800 RMB (including study materials, lecturers, venues, coffee breaks, certificates, etc.)

Payment Method: Remittance

Bank: ICBC Co., Ltd. Beijing College Road Sub-branch

Account Name: Mail Department (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Account Number: 0200 0255 0920 0079 946

Please complete the remittance by 17 o'clock on September 14, 2017 and send the remittance voucher scan and contact information to the contact person (Mr. Zhang E-mail:

The admissions teacher will contact you to inform you of the admissions. If you have any questions, you can ask for help directly from the telephone office or small assistants.

Iv. Schedule of Classes

class Time:September 19, 20th, 21st, 22nd 9:00~12:00, 13:00~5:00

Five, 30-bit + Super-strong instructor lineup

Vi. Ways of Learning

enrolment: after enrolment, join the EMBA Blockchain Executive class group, and the big coffee instructor 0 distance contact.

Online Lectures : We plan to talk in the blockchain group in August, and we can interact with the lecturer teacher.

Vii. Registration method

1. Consultation with teacher Zhang No.: zhangquan1107

2. Blockchain technology training industry Exchange QQ Group: 527145374

3. Welcome to join the Blockchain technology Training Exchange Group, enter the group must be "name + organization + research direction."

(Long press the QR code below, point to identify the QR code can quickly add friends)

VIII. Curriculum Outline

Day One: Introduction to Blockchain fundamentals and policy supervision

1. Understand the concept and foundation of blockchain technology;

2. Understand the blockchain industry development status, business model, and related policies and regulations.

Day two: Blockchain industry and ICO investment analysis and trends

1. In-depth understanding of the commercial product-level blockchain platform;

2.ICO Development trend and investment analysis.

Day three (morning): Blockchain key technologies

Mastering Blockchain technology architecture, blockchain key data, blockchain governance, blockchain security, Blockchain technology development roadmap

Third day (afternoon): Ethereum, Super Ledger and Intelligent Contract technology principles and application analysis

1. Understanding the concept and foundation of Ethereum ETH, its technical principles and applications;

2. Super Ledger Hyperledger Platform Introduction and Golang Foundation;

3. Understand the concepts and fundamentals of smart contracts and understand the fundamentals of programming languages;

4. Take a project as an example to lead students to write, compile, deploy, test, run.

Day fourth (morning): Blockchain and next-generation information technology applications

Mastering Blockchain and cloud computing, blockchain and big data, blockchain and IoT, blockchain and next-generation mobile communication networks, blockchain and AI, blockchain and encryption technologies

Day Fourth: (PM) Major application cases and practices in the blockchain industry

Explore blockchain in supply chain finance and trade amount applications, blockchain applications in industry, blockchain and distributed energy, blockchain smart cities

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