Blockchain from getting started to mastering-blockchain training

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blockchain from getting started to mastering-blockchain training

about this number

Have to say, you are smart enough to chase over, you are also very lucky or we have a fate! Here, even if you get home! No, Duzi.

There are plenty of opportunities to talk, to say things!

Blockchain technology talent, million annual salary difficult to find people,

"Thirteen-Five planning" key research projects! The new wave of technology in the future!

who are we, what are we doing?

Uncle, lake friend face Cry "Uncle", I have so old? I always thought I was a man. 8 years of research and development in Internet technology,

Once a dog, a cat and other first-line pet Ranch, from 14 years focused on building blockchain applications and financial innovation, has dominated PDFS,

Asset management platform and other applications to implement blockchain technology products.

What can we do for you?

This public number is mainly for the following 2 types of people:

I. With a certain development experience, and bullish blockchain technology, we resonate together

Two. 0 basic students, and bullish blockchain technology, we resonate together

In fact, anyone who wants to rely on new technology to open a gap and upgrade to their own workplace or business, or even simply want to learn blockchain technology.

It's the right place to be, and it's here to help you.

The development of blockchain technology course, sir Please don't worry, you call me.

uncle has something to say

Although said, come are guests, uncle also love you, but sometimes a large number, uncle a car seriously overloaded, traffic police sorghum and special like a ghost, Uncle age big Eyes son and bad, a don't pay attention to you to leak, so also please ye and small partner top this number, uncle will in the near future organization private meeting, Share the latest blockchain technology and how to play in the future, do not look at others to play and you do not touch a hair, afraid you missed the car delayed your marriage ah. Of course, you have to sit in front of the car, and uncle talk about life, talk about career, by the way to flirt uncle, uncle also do not dislike oh. The DA.

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